How entertaining!

When we started thinking seriously about buying our new house, one thing I wasn’t sure how to figure out was how we would arrange the living room.  The layout of our little bungalow is such that there aren’t many hallways–the rooms are the halls.  Meaning the living room is a hallway – the only way to get from the front door to the rest of the house.  And between the three sets of windows, plus the fireplace, a huge radiator, and the weird step shape of the room, I was really at a loss about how to set up the space.

Then one day it dawned on me: the solution was to convert this great built-in bookcase (definitely a selling feature of the house!) into an entertainment unit since it is right across from the the logical place for the sofa:

built-in entertainment center?

DH was pretty skeptical at first, but like with many house-related things he said he’d trust me.  Once we actually moved in, he was rather impatient to see my scheme played out because, let’s face it, sometimes you just want to sit back on your couch and finally start that 4th season of Arrested Development that everyone has been talking about!  And we couldn’t really do that until we had a workable TV set up.

As a first step, we removed two existing shelves from the built-in to allow enough space for the TV.  Next we had an electrician install an outlet in the enclosed space beneath where the TV was, so that we could plug in everything without having to snake an extension cord out of the doors.  That was actually the point at which we finally hooked up our TV–but then it looked like this horrible mess of cords:

entertainment center progress 1

Yikes.  So to facilitate some serious cord management we drilled a huge hole in the back of the shelf where the TV was resting so all the cords could sneakily find their way to where they needed to go.  Ta da!

entertainment center progress 2

Of course, like everything in  a house that “needs work” this transformation is not yet complete–we still need to deal with the mess down beneath the cabinet, and paint the whole thing the same trim color we’re planning to do in the rest of the room.  And I’d like to add some trim to the doors to make them a bit more interesting and maybe eventually have a carpenter build some nicer ones.  But, for now, I’m just happy that occasionally DH and I get to put our feet up, watch a few minutes of TV, and relax before tackling the next house project!




6 thoughts on “How entertaining!

  1. Looking fantastic! I am desperate to do something like this and then paint the back of the built-in a dark grey so the tv fades in to the background and style the shelves with bright tchokes. I bet that would work here to :-). FYI your kitchen is to die for!!!

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