Another aqua room

Our little Lady now has a painted room!

aqua painted room 1

It is already looking much more like a finished room that it did when it only had primed drywall!


How did we decide on a color for her room?  Well, back at our condo we ended up painting Sydney’s nursery an aqua color that I absolutely LOVED.  Seriously–her room was my favorite room in our whole home!  So when we started talking about how we wanted her room at the new house to be we said “why mess with perfection?” and decided to basically keep her room decor the same as it had been at our previous place.  Besides, I figure I’ll be re-doing her room a bit once she moves to a big girl bed, but I’m in no hurry for my little one to grow up, so I like the idea of keeping the look the same as we had in her nursery.  Thus, we got some more paint in the same color and slapped it up on the walls.  Luckily her room is pretty small so it went pretty quickly (according to DH who was the one to actually execute this project!).

I’m excited that room is now painted so we can start to do things like adding art to the walls, doing some kind of window treatment, and generally making the room into a great little spot for Sydney to hang out.  For example, I’m antsy to get her initial wall art up over her crib:

aqua painted room 2

We have been collecting quite a bit of stuff for the walls so I think we might conquer that next while I try to decide on the best option for the window treatment.  Right now, the combination of the unpainted trim, remnants of previous hardware, plus a sad little roller shade just isn’t cutting it!  I feel a fun DIY coming on…

aqua room window no curtain

We’d especially like to get some shelving in the room, especially just over the radiator.  In the meantime I’ve very much enjoyed sneaking in a bit of decorating here and there, including this fabulous aqua polka dot laundry basket/hamper I scored at HomeGoods for around $12.

polka dot laundry basket

More on Sydney’s room soon; kids grow up so fast that I don’t want to dawdle with getting her room put together!



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