Wide Load

I’ve posted a fair amount progress on the main living spaces so far, but not much about our master bedroom.  After painting it a moody gray color this past winter (pre reno and pre move) work on the space pretty much stopped until recently.  In a recent post, I shared how disastrous the space was looking in the weeks immediately following the move:


Now that we’ve been here about six weeks, the space is looking less like a dumping ground, and more like an actual bedroom:

master bedroom at 6 weeks

At least, that’s what it is like in there on a cleaned up day when we don’t have laundry and toddler toys adorning our bed!  My sister commented to me the other day that she was convinced we never sleep since every time she’s over our bed appears to be full of things other than sleeping humans!

The biggest news in the new master bedroom is our new set of nightstands.  You may recall that when we sold our condo a few months back, most of our furniture was included in the sale and was thus left behind–including our nightstands!  We knew we would need new ones, and this time I also knew that we wanted ones that were much, much bigger.  For reference, our old nightstands were exceptionally tiny – you can barely see one of the peeking out of this pic of our old bedroom:

New bedroom shade 2

So why did we need the new ones to be so much bigger?  Well,  we’re planning to expand the tiny existing master bathroom in such a way that there won’t really be room for a dresser in the room (we’ll still have plenty of closet space, but just not any space for a dresser in the room itself).  We toyed with the idea of getting dressers instead of nightstands, but decided that they would feel too tall next to our bed and it would be hard to set things on them while sleepy.  So we set to work on finding really wide nightstands that would offer much needed drawer space in a room without a proper dresser.  Luckily, the new bedroom is much wider than the old one and we had more than 3 feet of space to play with on either side of the bed.  We finally landed on the these beauties, thanks to a great deal on overstock.com:

nightstandsSee how nice and wide they are?  They’re so big they don’t fit in the frame!  Although they took a significant chapter in DH’s life to assemble them, they are really sturdy and fit the space perfectly.  Plus both DH and I think they are super classy!  And they give us tons of space to set sleepytime essentials.  I’m on the lookout for some new lamps (these $10 target lamps work but I’d love to get more substantial lamps that are more interesting in there) and definitely some new hardware for the nightstands as well.  The knobs that the nightstands came with are nice but they are so dark that they really blend in and (nor surprisingly) I’d prefer something with a little more sparkle and glamour.

And, lest anyone be under the impression that after 6 weeks everything in our room is done, there’s definitely still a lot to do!  For one thing, we went with a darker color on the walls and floor, and the nightstands are pretty dark, so we definitely need some bright white curtains to keep the room from erring on the gloomy side.  Plus, I lost my great jewelry organizing space when we left behind our wardrobes:

Jewelry Organization

so our our makeshift/temporary dresser (actually our buffet from our old dining room) is currently covered with my baubles:

dresser disaray I have big plans for making another hanging jewelry board, but just need to find some time (and the staple gun!).

That’s the progress on the master bedroom so far.  More to come soon, of course, including a mood board.  Stay tuned!




8 thoughts on “Wide Load

  1. It looks lovely in there. I second the decision to obtain small chests of drawers for nightstands in lieu of tiny things. I have a master bedroom that is small as well, and the over-sized nightstands offer so much visual heft (in a good way) and much needed storage. Great choices!

  2. What a great and practical idea for nightstands/ storage. Our nightstand situation is totally unbalanced. I have a dresser on my side (waaaay too tall, like you said) and my husband has a tiny table. I guess I need to get on it and find something better.

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