jewelry storage (take 2)

One of the things I loved about our last place was my jewelry storage; I had carved out space on either side of our wardrobes to hang jewelry and it was perfectly framed by our dresser mirror, which made accessorizing in the morning a cinch!

Jewelry OrganizationOf course, like much of our furniture, the wardrobes stayed behind and thus I lost my perfect spot for trying on and storing my jewelry.  And when we moved about 7 weeks ago there was no logical place to put all my baubles and so…well….this happened:

dresser disarayTerrible, right?  Things were getting tangled and I kept losing my favorite pieces.  I knew I had to do something but it took me awhile to figure out just what to do.  I finally landed on the idea of making one giant jewelry corkboard.  I had previously had two smaller ones, but there wasn’t really a spot to put them with new new set up, but I did have a pretty large open space on the wall to the left of the dresser.  So I set to work on making it happen.

I had just ordered some fabulous bird motif fabric from Dwell Studio.  I love the gray-blue color but also the fact that is has both beige and gray which are both neutrals that we have in the room already.

master bedroom at 6 weeks

I had inherited two old corkboards from my mom awhile back so I pulled one out of the basement and (finally) located my staple gun.  After some trial and error, I finally got into the swing of it and got the corkboard covered.  Unfortunately I couldn’t hang it right away because the fabric was blocking the hanging rings on the back.  So I had to wait until the weekend and head to Lowes and pick up a picture hanging hook.  And then I was finally able to finish the project:

jewelry board blue 1

Similar to what I had done before, I just used peal-tipped straight pins to make a little hanging space for each necklace and each earring.  I might still do a bit of re-arranging to balance out the top section (necklaces) and bottom section (earrings) but for now I have my dresser top back!  And I love the way it fills up the otherwise empty space:


I still have a few other pieces I need to find spots for (a few necklaces are are too heavy to hang with this method) but for now they’re stashed in our makeshift dresser.  Most of this is temporary since we are very soon going to rip out our tiny bathroom and expand it into this space, but at least my mornings are less hectic now that I always know where my favorite earrings are!



2 thoughts on “jewelry storage (take 2)

  1. That looks great! I love the fabric.

    I was reading your post through my email feed earlier and I didn’t have enough service (I was possibly in a meeting…) to see the pictures so I was super excited to get real Internet and actually see the finished product.

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