media den inspiration

When DH and I started the search for our current house last year, one of the things on our wish list was some kind of bonus space we could turn into a sort of “media den” for DH.  As I’ve mentioned before, DH has an extensive collection of CDs  (and now vinyl) that he is loathe to part with despite that in other areas he’s not much of a pack rat.  One thing he’s wanted for years now is easy access to his collection; since we were living in such a small space before at our condo, that just wasn’t an option.  Our new house, however, has a large partially finished basement that has plenty of room to set up shelving for his collection.  

We’ve talked a bit about what the media den could look like, what the space would need, etc.  (It is worth noting that most of the 5,000+ CDs are on our external hard drive and/or the computer so it isn’t as though he can’t access the music.  But the CDs themselves are about 95% still in boxes.)  We had put the project on the back burner since there are so many projects in our main living space that need our attention more immediately.  But then I got an email from a good friend of ours asking if we’d be interested in their living room media furniture.  They were upgrading from some IKEA Besta they had had for the past several years to a fancier media set from Pottery Barn, so they were looking to unload the Besta.  The best part?  They were giving it to us for free!

So we’ve put the project to the middle burner, if such a thing exists.  Last weekend DH went and picked up all the pieces, which are now down in the basement room.  I pulled out the mood board I had done for the space last fall and made a few updates – and came up with this one that DH loves:

media den with numbers
I’ve kept it pretty simple at this point since there will be a ton of, well, media, in the room, so I wanted that stuff to take center stage.  

1. Light walls (probably a gray blue) to reflect light since the room is windowless; also, much of the furniture if brown and I just love the combination of light blue and chocolate brown – and I think it really works well for a more masculine space.

2. Frames for album art or posters, probably also in a dark brown stain.

3. The free Besta storage!  I’ll need to do something else in there too since we’ll still need more storage space, but this is the general look we’ll be going for.

4. A statement lamp of some kind.  I suggested this one and DH loves it, so we might just have to find a version of it that doesn’t break the bank.  And we’ll need a fair amount of other light in the room since he’ll be spending time in there searching through his collection.  That’s still in the works.

5. A leather chair.  What could be better for a media den?!

6. Eventually I’d like to paint the floor (currently green) a dark brown color. 

7. A water-resistant indoor/outdoor rug since hey, this is the basement and our basement can get damp.

We’ll still need to get some feet for the Besta pieces (again…we’ve been flooded before and the last thing DH wants is for his collection to be destroyed by water!) but we at least have a starting point.  Did I mention that the space really in rough shape currently?  I could describe it, but a picture might do it better:

CIMG4514So…yeah.  There’s a ways to go.  But hopefully we’ll find some time to get to work on everything so DH can finally start unpacking all those boxes!




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