bright & white

Nope, I’m not plugging a new laundry detergent- I’m celebrating our “everything closet” makeover!

Our new house lacks adequate closet space.  The bedroom closets aren’t too bad, but all we have is one coat closet near the front door and this cupboard in the mudroom:

ugly mudroom cabinet

Lovely, right?  This is exactly what the cabinet looked like when we bought the house last fall–down to the empty dog bowls and extra trash compactor bags!  Even though this little cupboard wasn’t winning any beauty contests, I convinced our designer to keep it when we took over part of the kitchen to make a mudroom because I knew we’d need a place on the main floor to store, well, everything.  For example, where, in an open concept kitchen like this, do you put your broom??

kitchen painted 1So this cupboard, which I now endearingly call the “everything closet” stayed.  And lots of new stuff got put in around it.  Which meant that it was looking especially shabby next to all the new stuff!  And I do love a good makeover story, so last weekend I got to work on making over this little guy!

First, I removed everything from the cupboard that had accumulated there since we had moved in:

CIMG4526 - Copy

And I had another “what were they thinking?” moment as I took a good look around: the varnished pine and yellow interior?  The linoleum on the floor?  Yikes.  But then I set to work: I removed the shelves, did a bit of sanding, and then applied a coat of really good primer:


And then another:

CIMG4529And then I re-assembled the cupboard and did a coat of white paint:

CIMG4530Ahhhh.  Much better!!  Then the fun part began: organizing and putting things back together!  I sorted through all the accumulated stuff and consolodated, trashed, donated, and found new homes for many items.  I then hit up my supply of leftover organizing products I had gathered during our move and set to work:


Quite the transformation!  This small but mighty closet now holds a broom, dustpan, step stool, extra plastic bags, extra bath towels, medicines, cleaning supplies, and cleaning rags!  Before the makeover the cupboard had always seemed really dark despite getting a lot of light from the fixture right next to it; but with everything painted white, it was suddenly much easier to see what I needed.  Hooray!

Of course, you’ll still notice that there’s quite a bit of yellow to deal with on the exterior, but I plan to tackle that soon.  For now, at least when I open the cupboard I get that lovely “ahhhhh” feeling of an organized space that functions as it should.  Ahhhhh.




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