everything closet reveal!

Whew!  That was a lot of painting!  When I last posted about our makeover of our little “everything closet”

CIMG4526 - CopyWe had just finished with the interior:

CIMG4531But the doors and trim – the part I stare at a million times a day because this mudroom is also the hallway to our bedroom – were still yellow.  Although I ran out of time to finish the project during that weekend, I definitely had the itch to get the cabinet F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D.  So DH and I set to work with some more priming and painting.  

I removed the doors and the hinges for this step to get a good paint job.  I considered painting the hinges in place because I was antsy to start the project (seriously about 75% of this was prep work!) but after reading some advice online I decided against it.  So after a whole lot of time with the screwdriver I had everything disassembled and got to work on the painting.  We just did one coat of primer and one of paint since we were just going over yellow (and not that terrible dark varnished pine like on the interior!).  I even spray painted all the hinges with oil-rubbed bronze spray paint just to make everything look a bit better.  It was a busy weekend.  But it was so worth it once we re-assembled everything!

white painted cabinet no trim 1It felt soooo good to get this all put back together.  But something still needed a bit of attention.  Can you see it?  Nope, not the unpained door on the right…look to your left.  Yep, there it is:

white painted cabinet no trim 2This ugly spot where the cabinet meets the new drywall.  I always knew we’d have to deal with it at some point but I was hoping to avoid it for awhile.  Alas, seeing everything else so finished made this stand out even more.  Feeling resourceful, I headed out to our garage where our contractor had stashed some extra lumber and trim pieces.  I found a piece that looked about perfect, held it up, got DH’s approval, and then we set to work.  A quick measure, cut with a hack saw, and a couple of nails later, we had installed our very first piece of trim!

white painted cabinet with trim 2I was awestruck by what a difference that little piece of free trim made!  Even standing back a bit further it looks amazing!

white painted cabinet with trim 1We would still like to eventually add some trim to the doors themselves (the slab style really isn’t our thing) and get some oil-rubbed bronze pulls.  But I think this cabinet is about 80% done so I’m going to let that all go for a little while and just enjoy this beauty.  



7 thoughts on “everything closet reveal!

  1. This comment is not about your cabinet (although I think it’s great), but about my opinion that you should do a post on how you decorated your cube at work! 🙂 I don’t want to post any spoilers here but I don’t think anyone else’s desk feels so homey!

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