master bath planning

We’re finally starting to move forward with the much-needed re-do of our master bathroom.  When we first bought the house we had planned to live with the bathroom as-is rather than re-do it right away since we had so much else going on.  But we discovered while stripping wallpaper in the room that there was extensive damage from a leaking shower – so much that the shower was unusable (we’re upset our inspector didn’t find this during the house inspection, believe me!).  Mold damage anyone?

wall damage mold in bathroomEw.  

In addition to the icky mold issue, the bathroom itself is tiny – somehow they fit a shower, sink, and toilet into a space that is about 4.5 by 5 feet.  I can deal with small spaces, but the sink is so small that it is almost impossible to even use, and the door can’t even open fully because it runs into the shower, and the toilet is so close to the wall that it is pretty uncomfortable to use.  So we always knew that when we re-did the bathroom we’d take the opportunity to expand the space a bit and make it more functional and spacious.  The bedroom itself is actually a pretty good size for this era of home so we’re happy to steal some space from the bedroom to make a better bathroom!

Here’s the rough layout of the space as it is currently:

master bathroom original layout

Our first idea for how to layout the new space was to keep the bathroom generally in the same space but more the sink out into a separate room like this:

master bathroom idea 1

Although we really liked this idea at first, we started to worry that we’d be losing too much floor space so we started to think of other ways to lay out the space that would give us a bit more floor space.   We finally came up with a slightly different plan which involves giving up a bit of the closet space to gain a bit more floor space when you first walk into the room.

master bathroom idea 2

We’re still on the fence about if we’ll do a tub/ shower combo or just a shower (DH doesn’t take baths much but I love them).  The issue will be finding a tub that’s small enough (we have less than 55 inches to work with I think).  We’re thinking about doing a glass door to the shower to keep things as open feeling as possible since the space will still be pretty small.  We’re still working out some of the details but we’re thinking of adding a few nice features like a heated floor since the space gets pretty chilly in winter (more on that later!).

So that’s where we’re at with planning the master bath re-do.  More soon!




9 thoughts on “master bath planning

  1. just don’t do the sliding-glass-shower-doors-over-the-tub thing — I hit my head on ours frequently and wish we could just tear them out (stupid rental)!

    • Ha! That’s a good point! I think we were planning to do one that went mostly up to the ceiling so there wouldn’t be anything to hit my head on. But DH did mention that he was worried we’d forget it was there and walk into it! Thanks for the tip!!


  2. Hi G,
    I think your second plan is better – it allows you to wash your hands after using the toilet without having to leave the room first. If you are desperate for space you can buy toilets that have a sink above the cistern, though I suspect that could all get a bit messy too. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I like the second plan better too – it just seems more normal! I’m hoping we don’t have to go the route of putting the sink above the toilet since we were hoping to have some actual counter space for once (I’ve been living with tiny bathrooms for a long time and I’m dying for a bit of counter space!). Thanks for the tip!


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