Nursery Ideas

Not wanting to start any rumors here, but I’ve been thinking about plans for the next nursery that we’ll do at our new house.  Not that we need one yet.  Seriously.  But I just can’t stop my mind sometimes from creating these ideas; I am inexplicably compelled to do things like create a mood board for a nursery for a baby that has yet to be conceived.  Anyone who knows me personally can attest that this is just the kind of crazy I’m know for!

So without further ado, here’s what I’m thinking I’d do for a nursery if I had to turn one around next week.

Nursery Ideas Mood Board blue and orange

Who knows how I’ll feel once DH and I decide our family needs a fourth member, but for now this is what I’d choose for a gender-neutral space for baby #2.  The lampshade is from Target, the crib bedding with the adorable elephants is from Pottery Barn (although I definitely saw something similar at Target), the pillows are from Land of Nod, the rug is a DIY I found on Pinterest, and the glider is the one we purchased for Sydney’s nursery.  I’m totally in love with the idea of wide horizontal strips on the walls too!

What would you do if you were planning a nursery for a baby that is yet to be created?



3 thoughts on “Nursery Ideas

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who plans like that. I have boy and girl nurseries both completely planned out in my head and we have exactly zero kids.

  2. I agree! Nurseries are fun rooms to plan. They are so sweet and there are so many fun things out there these days for them. I wonder how many plans I’ll come up with before I’m actually having the next kid!


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