putting the “fun” in “functional”

More mudroom progress to report!  This tiny workhorse of  room definitely needed some additional things to make it more functional – especially a place to hang keys, do a last minute make-up touch -up, and stash incoming papers. 

corner cupboard in mudroom 1

I really wanted to re-use a much as I could from our previous place, so I dug through my stash of organinizing tools that had yet to be used in the new house and came up with the same mail sorter and key hanger we had in our previous entryway.  I also picked up a nice but inexpensive mirror (thanks Lowes!) for the space, and already it is working much better for us!

mudroom organization 1

Did I mention that DH also painted the room?  It looks so nice to no longer be staring an unpained drywall!  We painted it a nice greige color that is very calming (nice for when you first walk in!).

We’re still thinking of adding a shelf too somewhere, but we haven’t decided when or where.  But for now it looks pretty nice and works much better for us.  Of course, if you shift the angle of the above shot sligthly, you see the other side of the mudroom still has a ways to go…


But we’ll takle that mess another day!



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