Primed and Ready

A little while back I posted about my plans for the random windowless room in our basement: a “media den” for DH to store his extensive collection of CDs and LPs.  Although we had originally planned to put off the project in tackle I sometime next year, we were both getting tired of still seeing boxes sitting around after being in the house for 3 months.  Most of the boxes are currently in our upstairs loft area and family room, and we’d really like to have those spaces cleared and functional before the holidays.  And we didn’t want to just move the boxes down to the basement since it is prone to flooding, and we’d just have to haul them out again  when we finally got around to fixing up the room (and no joke, those millions of boxes are all HEAVY!).

So when our friends offered us their old IKEA Besta media furniture for free, DH and I took it as a sign that we should get started on making the media den a reality.

media den

Not surprisingly, DH was pretty excited this since he is really looking forward to being able to unpack his collection finally, some of which has been boxed up since we staged out condo this spring.  He did admit to me that he was pretty skeptical that we could turn this ugly basement room:


into any place he’d ever want to spend time!  But said that after all these years and after seeing so many of my ideas come to life, he has learned to trust my scheming!  What a sweetie.

Thus I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by the gusto with which he attacked the room with primer the other day.  And it was no small task to cover all that paneling and yellow paint.  Plus, the conditions were certainly not ideal: not much natural light, not many lamps, lots of extra stuff in the middle of the room, etc.  But he did it, and I can’t believe how much better the space already looks and feels!

primed media den

For covering the paneling he used the leftover adhesive primer from this project since it won’t creep down over time, and a mold-block primer for the remaining walls due to some moisture issues we have seen in the past.  Yes, this room is primed and ready to roll! 

So what’s up next?  Heading to the store for some light blue paint!




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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