covering up

We love our new patio doors that lead from our dining space to the yet-to-be-expanded deck, even though we can’t really use them as doors yet since they lead to nothing!  But we love that we can open up the door and have the just the screen there because it fills the house with fresh air really well, and really helps keep things cool in warmer weather.  It also means that we have zero privacy since you can see straight in from the street to our dining room and all the way into the bathroom!  It is also East-facing, so in the morning we all getting blasted with sun during breakfast!  Here’s a shot of the space I’m talking about:


Understandably, we were very excited to finally get some curtains up in the space.  We decided to go for a double rod with sheers and regular curtain panels.  That way we can control how much light comes in at different times of the day, and can pull the curtains closed in the evening for a bit more privacy during the dance of the naked toddler before bath time (any other parents out there know what I’m talking about!).

Since so much of our money is going towards must-do projects these days, we opted to re-use curtains from our previous place, which was fine with me since I still liked our previous dining room curtains:

new dining room curtains

So all we had to purchase was a new rod for the space.  It was a bit of a challenge to install because the space in nestled between kitchen and dining room cupbords, so DH and I had to get pretty creative.  We ended up installing the rods without the finials, but I think they still look okay since they are pretty tall and dramatic.  Here’s  a shot of everything installed with the light filtering sheers:


And with everything closed up, as they are at night:


I’m thinking that sometime later this fall I may swap out the linen curtain panels for silk ones to give the space a richer and cozier look.  I love changing things with the seasons, and it keeps my eyes from getting bored!

All three of us are loving that we can eat breakfast in peace without being interrogated by the sun and we like that we can be goofy in the kitchen/dining area without making our neighbors watch!  Definitely worth an evening with the power drill and screwdriver to get these hung!




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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