We’re feeling like our mudroom is actually pretty close to being finished, which is amazing considering how far we still have to go in other rooms.  But we’ve really been plugging away over the past few weeks, including our corner drop center:

CIMG4564And our ugly yellow cabinet makeover (read more here, here, and here):

orb pullsNow, I’m excited to introduce our fabulous new rug!

CIMG4570The biggest challenge in finding a rug for this room is that it is L-shaped and pretty narrow (ah, small houses!).  We couldn’t figure out a good configuration of standard-size rugs that would work in the space.  So I started looking into Flor modular rug tiles, and remembered that a long time ago I had pinned this particular pattern to Pinterest.  I showed it to DH and he loved it too, so we were floored (ha!) when we saw that Flor was having a huge sale at the time and ordered that day.  Now mind you, this was over the summer and so we’ve been sitting on these rug tiles for about 2 months now, so we were really excited to finally get them into place.  But we wanted to wait until we had done most of the painting to minimize the chances of getting paint on the rug!

In case you’re not familiar w/ Flor tiles, they are basically large squares of carpet that are easily connected to make whatever pattern/shape you need – which works perfectly in an L-shaped space!  We didn’t have to order all that many, and were able to have them cut so we could make them the perfect width for the space.  Ordering was really easy and they arrived quickly.  I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but we’ve had them in for a couple of weeks now and we just love them.  Don’t they look great next to our new counters?

Here’s another closer-up shot of the Flor rug:

CIMG4567I especially love that it echoes the pattern of our duvet cover, which you can see at the same time when the bedroom door is open!

CIMG4588Have you tried Flor tiles before?  I’d love to see!




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