quick living room update!

I haven’t posted much about our living room since we moved in, but I wanted to post a quick update on where we’re at with this room.   A quick walk down memory lane may be in order!  This is what we were working with when we bought the house:

original living room

And this is what it looked like after pulling up the carpet, having new drywall installed, and after moving day:

living room after move

I initially created this mood board for the space before we moved in:

living room original mood board

But over time I adapted it a bit and now this is my current vision for the space:

Living Room Mood 9.20.2013

Some of the main things I changed were the wall color (Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin), the floor stain (we ended up going with a darker stain when we had all the floors re-finished), and the botanical-print slipper chair rather than the very expensive leather chair we had been eyeing.  So far we’ve painted the walls and the trim (with the exception of the baseboards…shhhh!), so already the room is coming along.

living room painted

I particularly like the transformation of the fireplace area from this

fireplace original

To this


One of the biggest changes to my mood was changing from wanting a leather chair (way out of our price range!) to wanting a this slipper chair in mood board 2.  So when Target was having  a huge sale on indoor seating, DH and I jumped on the opportunity to order a pair of them.  So now instead of the placeholder chair (which is actually the glider from our nursery) we now have this lovely slipper chair instead!

new slipper chair and mantle

What’s next for us in this space?  The big thing is finishing up the bookcase-to-media-center transformation.  Although the area is now pretty functional, it is not organized at all and we still need to paint the entire thing, so there’s definitely work to do!  Until DH and I can find a day to tackle that together, I’m going to focus on turning my summer-y mantle into one worthy of the fall weather we’ve been having lately.  We’ve been doing a  lot of fixing up and painting these days, but not much actual decorating, so I’m excited to have a small bit space to decorate!

Other things on the living room list include a curtain for our front door, curtains for the windows, arranging the bookcases (more on those additions soon!), getting a new gray slipcover for the corner sofa, whitewashing the brick fireplace, and hanging some art.  Whew!

Stay tuned!




7 thoughts on “quick living room update!

  1. Man, that looks great! I’m in love with that room! The paint is gorgeous. The slipper chairs are perfect and the fireplace transformation is amazing! Also, painted baseboards are way over rated, we’ve lived in our house nearly three years and I still haven’t gotten to ours.

    • Hi Mary! Glad to hear we’re not the only ones who find it hard to want to move a bunch of furniture just to paint baseboards that barely show. Makes me feel better putting on the “sometime in 2014” list!

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