sketching with tape

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know how disappointed we were when we set out to do some cosmetic updates on our tiny airplane-sized master bathroom and found that the shower was complete unusable (read more about that sadness here), and thus we needed to rip the whole thing out and put in a completely new bathroom.  Not that I mind a new bathroom, of course, but that’s definitely money we were hoping to spend on other projects!  So we’re doing what we can to save on costs; unfortunately much of the cost comes from paying people to do things we’re not able to do ourselves.  But still – I’m doing what I can!

One thing I’m doing?  Using a contractor with reasonable prices rather than a full-service design firm that costs more because they do everything for you.  This means that more of the management work of finding all the inputs falls on DH and I.  So we’re doing a lot of measuring and comparison shopping and spreadsheet making.  Our contractor is still super helpful with telling us what will and won’t work, but he’s not showing us around  a showroom talking through all the details of everything down to grout color (which really is how it was with our kitchen reno).

At this point we have a good plan in our heads of how we wanted the new space laid out – going from this:

master bathroom original layout


To this:

master bathroom idea 2

But we needed to make sure that the new space, which will take up much more of the bedroom than the current bathroom does, will still feel comfortable.  So we broke out the ‘ol painters tape and taped out where the new walls, vanity, tub, toilet, closet, etc. will be.

bathroom tape outlineNot a very glamour shot, but it really did help us finalize the plans!  Now to do something about that mess…

We’re almost ready to get started on the project, which means DH and I need to finish up choosing all the pieces that will go into the room like the tub, tile, lights, etc., and we need to vacate the master bedroom since will not be livable/sleepable during the renovation.  Unfortunately, the only other bedroom in the house not currently occupied by a darling little toddler is the one that has become a dumping and staging ground for projects and unopened boxes.  So have our work cut out for us there too since this is what the room currently looks like…

spare bedroom messOh my.  But hopefully the bathroom project won’t take too long and then DH and I can return to our cozy new den, complete with a usable master bathroom with a soaking tub.  Ahhhhh.






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