We have really been enjoying our upstairs “everything” room that serves as our office, guest room, and, most frequently, the play room.  I realized the other day that despite all the time we spend in the room, that I’ve actually posted very little about the space since we moved in!  I found this old post that I had started over the summer and thought this would be a good time to get it updated and out to my dear readers!

This space is great in a lot of ways, but it also has some challenges given the sloped ceiling.  I wanted to figure out a way to make sure there was tons of storage that was easy to access since this is the play room but also serves as our office and guest room.  Remember this space from the original house photos?


It was that space off to the right, under the eave, that I really had my eye on as a spot for storage.  I looked at several options, but once again it was IKEA that gave me the right look and function for the right price.  We purchased three Expedit 2×4 units and slid them in to make a long wall of storage:

expedit 1

We now have 18 cubbies of storage!  Hooray!  And the best part is that they are totally unobtrusive in the room since they tuck under the eaves where you couldn’t walk anyway.

expedit 3

 Currently some of the cubbies are home to some LPs, but DH will be moving those into the in-progress ‘media den’ as soon as he can.  I think a few more will go to toys but I’d like keep at least 1-2 for some office supplies.  We do still have our billy bookcases over on the other side of the room that provide other storage for more grown-up items like books and games.  I definitely need to get some updated photos now that we’ve done some additional unpacking!

Billys upstairs before

I wouldn’t mind at some point getting some bins to fit some of the cubbies and do some labeling, but that type of organization is lost on our little 2-year-old; for now, stuffing things into cubbies is fine with me for clean up time.  I’ll think more about adding some additional order once some other higher priority things in the house get done (bathroom reno??  curtains in the living room??)!

expedit 2

I’ll try to post more updates from this room soon!




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