Oh, shiny!

I love a good hardware swap story!  Here’s the latest one.

I mentioned a few posts back our fabulous new nightstands that were HUGE compared to our previous ones.  Even though the bedroom is pretty small, it is much wider that our previous room and thus allowed for really substantial nightstands, which is a nice change.  Although I’ve been loving the nightstands we got for a deal from Overstock.com, I had always found the hardware on them to be a bit blah.  The pulls were a dark gray gunmetal, and on the espresso finish of the nightstands, they just sort of blended in.

nightstand gunmetal pulls

I couldn’t wait to find something new and shiny.  I remembered that I had saved the pulls from out previous bedroom dresser (which the buyers got in the sale!).

Dresser after

(Secret: I swapped out the shiny knobs for boring ones before the move so I could keep them and use them again….shhh!)  

I had to track down two more (I only had 6 but needed 8), but when the extra two finally arrived I wasted no time in making the swap!  Shiny, right??

nightstand with shiny knobs

I think the difference is more striking in person.  They really do add some nice sparkle to the space which is overall a bit on the darker side.  Here’s a shot of all of them!

all 8 knobsUnfortunately, this room will be torn apart shortly once our master bath renovation gets underway, but I know we’ll still be able to enjoy them once we can finally put the room back together.  I even coordinated these lovelies with the new ceiling fan for the space!

Have you done any hardware swaps lately that make you happy?



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