I mentioned a little while back that work was starting up on our master bathroom reno and it has finally begun in earnest!  I can’t believe how much more quickly this project is moving along than our kitchen!  When I last posted I had include a pic of our attempt to see what the new bathroom would feel like by sketching it out with tape on the floor:

bathroom tape outline

Now we no longer need the tape to show us the new footprint of the space because the old bathroom is gone, and the framing for the walls for the new bathroom and closet are in!

bathroom framed

As a frame of reference, this is what this part of the room looked like before we got started (this was the best photo I could find although this was clearly from before we finished painting the space!):


old airplane bathroom shot

You can sort of see that swapped all that floor space on the left for a bigger bathroom, and the previous bathroom (on the right) is now additional floor space and a reach-in closet.

I got my favorite child model to help demonstrate where the new bathroom features will be once things are installed to help with visualization.  Here she is demonstrating how she’ll wash her hands at the sink:

bathroom sink demoAnd here she is sitting where the new tub will be:

new bathtub demoNext up?  Getting in the plumbing and electrical, and getting some drywall up.  I’ll post more pics soon and also be sure to get a mood board in here before too long!






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