Chalk it up!

I’m so excited to share my latest project!  I’ve been obsessed with chalkboard paint ever since I DIYed this chalkboard table for Sydney last year:

chalkboard table coffee table living roomHere you can see it in action:

chalkboard table in useAh, looking back at old picture of Sydney…sniffle!  The chalkboard table continues to be a hit in the new house with adults and kiddos alike.  But in our new place the table is upstairs, so I was itching for some chalkboard space somewhere on the main floor of the house – ideally in the kitchen.  I was dreaming of a place for doodles, lists, and dinner party menus and I knew when the kitchen wasn’t even 100% done that there was a perfect spot for one:

kitchen almost done 1Do you see it too?  Right there between the doorway to the mudroom and the stairs?  Yep, that’s the spot!  I’ve been eyeing it for months and feeling antsy to get some chalkboard paint up there.  It would have been a fast project except that this time around, I also wanted the chalkboard to be magnetic.  Because I’m fancy like that.

Here’s the exact spot on the wall I’m talking about:


A few weekends back I set to work during a Sydney nap.  I first measured a few times and outlined the general size I wanted the chalkboard to be, and marked it off with tape leaving the corners untaped:

chalkboard outline

I then used a large bowl to outline circular cut-outs in the corners:

CIMG4638And then I painted.  A lot.  Five coats to be exact.  Four coats of magnet primer and one of chalkboard paint.  Luckily each coat dried pretty quickly so I only had to wait about 10 minutes after finishing the previous coat to start in on the next one, so the whole project was mostly done by the time the nap was over.  I was only going to do three coats of primer and one of the chalkboard paint, but after the first three coats the magnet wasn’t as strong as I wanted, so up went another coat!  The only frustrating part was that once I had painted a coat of magnetic primer, which is black, I proceeded to paint the exact same thing the exact same color four more times.  Yeesh.

BUT I’m so glad I did it because the whole family loves the new chalkboard!

chalkboard in kitchen finalAnd you know what?  Turns out I was right–it is the perfect spot for doodles and lists and party menus.  DH has already started using it daily.  It is right near the mudroom so it is a nice place for reminders too, and picking up a piece of chalk is way faster than getting a pen and paper.  DH even makes lists for trips to Target or small trips to the grocery store on here and just snaps a picture with his phone before heading out!  Plus, the bottom portion is very accessible to the 2-year-old and keeps her from being too much underfoot when we’re trying to cook in the kitchen.

I haven’t revealed to Sydney yet that the chalkboard is also magnetic, but I’d love to DIY some fun magnets (letters? numbers? animals?) for her for Christmas and let her go to town!

That’s the latest from here!



7 thoughts on “Chalk it up!

    • True! She does like to nap, just like her mommy! But I’ve also found that she naps a little more on the weekends than during the week while she’s at daycare. I think we’re a bit quieter than a room full of 2-year-olds!


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