Elfa hack sneak peek

Wanted to do a quick post about the Elfa hack DH has been busily working on for the basement media den.  He has been DIYing some shelves for the Elfa frame we bought which has involved a whole lot of boards and trim and liquid nails and stain.  He set up a makeshift workstation out in the garage and has been working on this project of the past few weeks whenever he gets a few minutes here and there.  He’s been very antsy to get everything finished and put together!  Here’s an in-progress shot of him staining all the shelves out in the garage:CIMG4623He’s pretty much done but we still need to put everything back together and make sure they are nice and dry.  We’re hoping to have the media den mostly put back together soon, but the room also contains access to the crawl space beneath where out new bathroom is going in, so the media den room is pretty torn up right now.  I’ll be sure to post more soon once we can get back down there and finish up the space.  I can’t wait!



2 thoughts on “Elfa hack sneak peek

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