master bathroom mood board

I thought it was about time to share my current mood board for our master bathroom the renovation is underway!  You can read more about the change in layout here, but basically we’re using some of the space from the existing bathroom to make a closet, and using the rest of the unused floor space in the bedroom to build a proper full bath, complete with tub/shower combo, a 24″ vanity, and, of course a toilet.  The previous bathroom was teeny-tiny:

Bathroom ExplanationSo as long as we had to completely tear it out (due to extensive mold damage from leaky pipes) we figured we may as well make it larger and more functional!  But this also means that we have the opportunity to really make the bathroom something we love in terms of finishes and the look of the space. Budget is of course an issue for us too, but that’s the one good thing about a small bathroom- even if you get beautiful expensive tile, you don’t need to buy much of it to cover the floor!

So without further ado, here’s what we’re currently thinking our finished space will look like:

master bathroom mood boardWe definitely wanted something pretty light, airy, and spa-like because even though the new space is bigger than the previous one, it is still very small by today’s standards for a master bathroom!   So I’m leaning towards a light blue with a bit of green in it for the wall color, although I still might go the neutral route.  For the floors we’re using 3″ hex marble tile.  Each tile is different, but has shades of gray, white, and beige.  The great thing is that we were able to make our tile purchase during a sale and thus got a 25% discount on the tile (score!).  For the shower, which won’t be visible behind a shower curtain, we opted for basic white subway tile–an inexpensive and classic option.  We figured since no one would really see the shower besides us that it didn’t make sense to splurge in there!  We’re using a light gray-beige grout for both the shower and floor tile.  I was torn between white and light gray grout for the subway tile in the shower, since both look so lovely in different ways, but since gray grout is easier to keep looking like new, we went the easy route!  Oh, and the shower curtain pictured is one I’m considering from Pottery Barn.  I like the medallion-y block-printy vibe from it as well as the white background.  I think it would help keep things looking light and airy in the tight space!

Oh, and surprisingly we opted for brushed nickel finishes for the lights and faucet and other fixtures in the room.  I was totally thinking I’d want to go the classic chrome route, but something about it just wasn’t’ working for me.  Maybe because you have to polish them all the darn time to keep them looking lovely?  Or maybe because the brushed look is a bit softer?  Or maybe because I’m easily swayed by whatever blog I read last?  Who knows!  But hopefully it all comes together in the end!

So there you have it – the mood board for our new bathroom!  I’ll post an update soon with pics of the progress on the space.  




7 thoughts on “master bathroom mood board

  1. Lovely, classic choices. I think basic white subway tile is great for inside the shower – marble requires resealing and is kind of maintenance heavy. It’s gonna look great!

    • Ha! That’s actually pretty funny to me, since I always think everyone else’s look way better than mine! I actually always do them in powerpoint – something I started doing years ago and just have kept doing because it is pretty easy for me. What program do you use?

      • I’m also using p’point but I notice you’ve sort of cut out the shapes. I only seem to be able to add furniture in square chunks. I’d better find myself an online lesson.

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