We’ve got walls!

My last master bath reno post included framing of the bathroom and closet.  Now, even more exciting news: we have insulation!

bathroom insulationYep, that’s right.  We weren’t nuts when we thought the master bedroom was FREEZING last year the few nights we slept at the house.  Turns out there was no insulation in the walls.  Zuh?  I have no idea how the former owner slept in the room all those years, or why anyone would build a bedroom addition with a huge radiator but no insulation.  But as the new owners of this old house, we are hereby making it COZY and LIVABLE for winter.  We are also adding insulation the crawl space beneath the space, which should help as well.  We don’t plan to remove all the walls in the bedroom at this point to add insulation, but now about half the walls have nice cozy insulation, as well as the crawl space.  This really should make a world of difference this winter.  Which we will soon see…

In addition to the very exciting insulation news, we also have some proper walls up now!  Here you can see DH’s closet is coming along nicely:

CIMG4683Also exciting is that we no longer have any more of the hideous falling-down ceiling tiles anywhere in the house now that the last ones have been removed from the bedroom!  Yep, that’s right.  We now have a drywall ceiling in our bedroom.  No more looking up at crumbly falling-down tiles right before we doze off.

CIMG4688So, okay, it still needs some paint and a proper light fixture, but it is still an improvement I think!  

Hopefully soon I’ll have some even more exciting photos to share.  The tub and tile go in soon and I can’t wait to see how it comes together!  Hopefully it will look something like the mood board I created for the space to help guide us through the design for the space:

master bathroom mood boardCheers,







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