Let’s talk about hex, baby!

First, I do apologize for such a long time since my last post.  Back to back to back illnesses have kept me from doing anything besides go to work and eat and sleep for the past week and a half, so I’m a bit behind on the blogging!  The work on the bathroom, however, continues unabated!

In my last update I mentioned that our walls were up.  It was nice to see better what the space would actually feel like since we were completely changing the footprint of the new bathroom; however, just some new walls aren’t all that exciting.  

bathroom insulation

Walls with tile though?  That’s pretty exciting!

bathroom subway tileI love the way the tub area turned out with the white subway tile and light gray grout.  I think the look is so classic and crisp.  It definitely reminds me of the shower area at our previous place, which we also loved!  And that Kohler soaking tub we picked out?  Well, let’s just say I can’t wait for the first bath in that beauty!  It sure got some rave reviews on Home Depot’s website for being a great place to unwind after a busy day.

But the piece de resistance?  Check out the floor!  I couldn’t be more pleased with our choice of the hexagonal marble tile!

CIMG4699It has a lovely sheen, and I love the beautiful natural variation in the color and veining across each tile.  It really keeps an otherwise rather white and neutral space from being boring.  The best part?  Underneath we laid radiant heat to help out the tootsies on the many 6:00am showers I’ll be taking during the frigid Chicago Winter!  Here’s one more shot of the hex tile where you can really see the natural variation!

CIMG4700That’s the update for now.  Next up is finishing up the plumbing, installing the light fixtures, and installing the vanity and toilet!  Can’t wait!




7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about hex, baby!

  1. Curious to how the shower window looks from the outside? Do you like it? We are thinking of doing that in our shower as well but I was worried that it will look strange from the outside.

    • Hi Wendi! That definitely is a bit of a concern. It doesn’t look fabulous from the outside, but it isn’t horrible either. We decided that it wouldn’t really both us since it is at the very back of the house so it isn’t visible from our deck or from the front of the house. I might feel differently if the glass block was in a more obtrusive spot on the exterior! Let me know what you decide!


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