giving it the slip

Slipcovers are a-changing around here!  I’m excited to report that after sitting idle in our house for more than 3 months, we finally have  a new slipcover for our favorite living room sofa!

ektorp sofa gray slipcoverBut let’s back up for a minute – I’ve gotten ahead of myself!  We’ve had our dear old corner IKEA Ektorp sofa since about 2005 I believe, and this dear old couch has seen 3 homes and now four different slipcovers.  We had green, white, and most recently, beige:

new pillow shams in living roomI’d been eyeing the new charcoal gray color that IKEA came out with for some time, and once I showed it to DH he was sold.  So what took us so long to actually get it on the sofa?  Well, as I mentioned the couch has been in our home for about 8 years, and it isn’t a high-end sofa.  The part underneath has some velcro where the slipcover sort of attaches, and all the velcro had pulled out, leading to a rather saggy looking slipcover.  I vowed that before I allowed myself to put the new slipcover on that I’d fix the root of the problem.  Apparently it took me about 3 months to finally gather the energy to tackle that project!

To repair the damage, I removed the old slipcover, and got out the staple gun.  I carefully removed all the staples that had pulled out, and laid out the velcro strip where it needed to be re-attached.  Then I set to work on stapling the velcro back to the frame.  I was surprised a bit by how challenging it was to get the staples to go through the velcro, batting, and all the way into the wood frame.  There were a TON of staple casualties.  But I kept at it until my arms were too tired, took a break, and then finished up that bad boy!

fixing extorpRelived and proud that I had finally earned the right to enjoy the new slipcover, I set to work on switching out the beige for the gray.  Luckily on about the 8th cushion DH came back from the store and was able to finish up – my arms and hands were super tired!  But it was totally worth it.  We both love the look of the new slipcover.  The pillows we had already really pop more than before when the couch was beige:

living room painted

Now that the couch is a darker color:

ektorp sofa gray slipcoverThere’s still lots to do in the room of course, but we love that we’re a step closer to having the living room feel more home-y! 

Have you swapped any slipcovers recently?  Do you also have a gray couch that you love?  Got a living room that’s still very much in-process?  




7 thoughts on “giving it the slip

  1. Oh the grey looks great! We bought ourselves a new couch for Christmas a couple years ago. It’s amazing how much new furniture or new slipcovers can change the look of a room!

    I’ve never had a slip cover. I desperately want to make one for our basement couch, I just can’t wrap my head around how to do it.

    • I love slipcovers since you can wash them – especially good when you have young kids (or messy adults…). I think making them from scratch though is pretty challenging. That’s one good thing about IKEA sofas – they usually keep their sofas around long enough that you can buy more then one slipcover as your tastes change! I assume the basement couch isn’t from IKEA?


      • Unfortunately no. The couch is older than I am. It’s a hand me down from my Granny from probably early 60s. It has great lines and that great MCM look, just pink and getting a little beat up thanks to our giant dog.

  2. Looks fabulous. It’s amazing the change. You have to like Ikea for making our lives simpler sometimes, especially for those of us who dislike sewing. If we lived closer, perhaps I could have your old white covers. I plan to put white Ikea slip covers on our dark blue sofa that looks a bit daggy now. Although, now I’ve seen your grey ones….

    • Do you have the same corner IKEA sofa? We just love it! Yeah, I think you’re being on another continent will make it hard to transfer the white one to ya! Although many of the zippers on it broke – only an issue with the white one we had though! I do love the gray too though! Tough decision!


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