The newest shade-y character

One thing I love is simple sewing projects that have a bit impact.  A patterned shade, for example, can totally transform the look of a space.  One of the best examples I have is the DIY roman shade I made for the nursery at our old place:

Nursery roman shade 2I also loved the impact on the feel of the kitchen when I made this faux roman last year:

roman shadeOne space that I knew would really benefit from a patterned shade update?  Our entryway!  When we bought the house last year, the space was pretty blah:

entryway beforeThe floors got refinished with a nice dark stain along with the rest of the floors on the first floor, and we have painted the walls and most of the trim now, which has helped.  But the door was still sporting that faded dusty ruffly curtain (the shame!).  I noticed that the fabric I had already purchased some time ago to make a curtain for our back door (an as of yet unfinished project…) coordinated very well with our new wall color (Silver Marlin by Benjamin Moore).  So, one nap time not too long ago, I set to work with my sewing machine and created a simple flat curtain for the door:

new entryway shadeI love how the color of she shade and walls plays against the dark wood door.   Somehow to me it just pops so much more than it did when everything was beige, beige, beige.  

The curtain itself was easy to make (and was similar to previous ones I had made for our old kitchen).  (If folks are interested I can post a tutorial sometime.)  And I still have enough fabric to still make one for the back door, and might have enough to make a pillow or two for the living room too!

Next up for the space?  Curtains, lighting, and perhaps swapping out the console table for one with a bit more storage space.  



3 thoughts on “The newest shade-y character

  1. That looks great! I need to make a new curtain for my kitchen door. No matter how I hang the one we have now, it looks crooked. It makes me a little crazy every time I look at it.

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