Bathroom reno: complete!

It seem like only yesterday I was sharing that our tile had just gone in, but time flies, and the bathroom is tiny, so work has moved quickly!  And now we’re done…at least with the parts we’re paying someone to for us!  When I last posted we had just had the tile installed:

bathroom subway tileBut were still missing most of the bathroom fixtures from our mood board:

master bathroom mood boardBut a week later, we’re there!  We’re finished!

master bath reno 1

One of the happy accidents in this reno was the bathroom mirror:

master bath reno mirror

 Does it look familiar?  We had originally planned to do a custom mirror and frame but were not really sure exactly what we wanted, even after the vanity was installed.  I was having a hard time imagining what the space would look like with the mirror.  So I asked DH to hold up a mirror we already had so I could picture it better.  I grabbed the one we previously had in our dining room  at our old place:

dining room from hall

And stepped back and realized it was perfect  in the bathroom!  And since the mirror didn’t yet have a home in our new place, we decide it made sense to just use it in the bathroom.  I like that the finish complements but doesn’t perfectly match the brushed nickel faucet and light fixtures, and has a bit of extra bead detail around it.  Plus, it saved us some money!  Win-win!

The space is pretty difficult to photograph well since it is so small, but here’s a shot of the light fixtures we ended up using:


And a close up of the vanity we purchased from Home Depot (a full 48 inches!  The luxury!!).  And the brushed nickel faucet, which I’m still surprised I chose…but I really love it!

master bath vanity

Now that the construction is over, we have lots to do ourselves, because right now this beautiful new bathroom looks a bit too all white and blah for our tastes.  So we have lots to do in the coming weeks, like get a shower curtain up so we can shower!   And move back in to our bedroom (more on that later)!  And paint the bathroom!  And install towel hooks and art!  And figure out the best way to organize the new space!  Let the fun begin!!




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