Ceiling of our dreams

While our master bathroom was under construction over the past few weeks, I think I mentioned that we had a few things updated in our main bedroom space as well.  Specifically, we had the old acoustical tiles removed and replaced with a drywall ceiling, installed a ceiling fan, and installed crown molding around the room.  We figured this was the best time to do this work since we had to completely vacate the room anyway for the duration of the bathroom renovation.  

Previously, the ceiling area looked like this:

acoustical tile ceiling

Not great.  It had icky ceiling tiles that were falling down and a weird orb light that could have been great in a different kind of space, but was definitely not very master-bedroom-y!  I took an intermediate shot of the room once the drywall was in:

CIMG4688This stage definitely looked worse!  But we kept our eye on the prize.  And finally, we have the ceiling of our dreams!

master bedroom ceiling finishedI love the ceiling fan we ended up with because it is one of the few that I think are not ugly!  The shade is really nice up close, the extra finial on the bottom adds some nice sparkle, and the fan itself give a great breeze, which is actually what you need in an old home with no air conditioning!

As you can see from the blue tape in the pic above, we’re now prepping the room for some re-painting now that we have a completely new wall separating the bedroom from the new bathroom!  We also need to touch up around the perimeter of the room where the new crown was installed.

CIMG4711DH and I can’t wait to get moved back into our bedroom. We’ve been camped out for weeks in our spare bedroom which has neither ample space, nor any kind of paint or decor.  We’ve been sleeping okay in there with our mattress on the floor, but getting ready in there is a challenge since the space is so tight and we didn’t want to spend too much time organizing our temporary space.   Needless to say, DH and I are very motivated to reclaim our master bedroom asap!




3 thoughts on “Ceiling of our dreams

  1. That ceiling fan is gorgeous! And you’re right, not many are! I’ve repainted some of the ones in our house to try to update them for the time being. They can be super necessary though!

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