Target + IKEA = perfect shelves

I can’t believe it was all the way back in July that I mentioned in a blog post that I was eager to get started with decorating Sydney’s bedroom!  We had just finished painting it the same shade of light aqua we had used in her room previously in that last post, and it wasn’t until October that I was able to actually start getting some stuff up on the walls!

I had been especially eager to get some shelving up above the radiator in that big empty space:

aqua painted room 1

I had trouble finding the size we needed for the space in a style that fit with her room.  I thought about DIYing some for a long time (I’d seen some great shelves made from stair treads on Pinterest), but couldn’t figure out how create the look I was going for (something with a nice beveled edge).  Finally, one day at Target, I saw some white floating shelves that were the perfect dimensions for the space, and though they were a bit more than I wanted to spend, they were the exact look I wanted and they were the perfect size so into the cart they went!  Back in October I took a day off work and worked on some house projects, including this one.  Unfortunately it took much longer than I had planned because I found out that the floating shelves I had fallen in love with were not very sturdy at all and pulled away from the wall (boo!).  I was not deterred though.

Instead, I remembered that we had some shelf brackets from IKEA (from another unfinished project) and went to work figuring out how to use them to support the Target shelves.  It took a fair amount of perseverance, but I’m pleased to announce that I TOTALLY CONQUERED the shelf project, and we now have two sturdy display shelves for our little girl!

nursery shelves with bracketsYou might be able to see in the pic that above that the IKEA brackets and the Target shelves aren’t exactly the same shade of white.  At first it bothered me but really, I hardly notice it anymore.  Painting the brackets to match are definitely on the “someday when I’m really bored” list!

Notice anything else different between the two photos?  Near the window perhaps?  That’s right…a curtain!  For now it is just a white linen curtain, also from IKEA, but I do still plan on doing something else on the window eventually in place of the boring white roller shade.  I’d love to do another DIY’ed roman shade like I did in her nursery!  Right now though the ideas are still percolating…

But back to the shelves!  Here’s a closer up shot of them.  

white shelves in nursery

DH and I had a lot of fun putting a few special things on the shelves, including some bookends from her previous nursery, a piggy bank we got from some close friends of ours when they moved away this summer, the wooden dinosaur toy and robot print DH and I purchased at craft fairs we visited last summer, and of course, and original Sydney drawing!  There is definitely way less space for display in her new bedroom so I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate more.  And we definitely need to still hang some more art on the walls to really finish the space!  In the meantime Sydney is already really enjoying her new bedroom and some of the new additions to the space including this adorable rocking chair we picked up for a song from a yard sale down the street!

toddler rocking chairCheers,





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