How I got 6 curtains for $50

We’ve been eager to get curtains up in our new home’s living room ever since we moved in, but it took us awhile to come up with a cost-effective way to get the size and number of curtains we needed for the space.  The room has three banks of windows, one of which is quite wide.  We weren’t quite ready to invest in fancy curtains because we know that we’ll eventually replace the windows (which are probably 60+ years old) and that may change our curtain-related needs.  But we also knew that we couldn’t wait on the curtains (sometimes you just have to have a dance party with your 2-year-old when you get home from work and want to spare the neighbors your horrible dancing!).  So I turned to my trusty curtain-making method I developed back in college: bedsheets!

bed sheet curtains

“Why bedsheets?!” you may ask.  Well, most curtain panels are both expensive and not very wide.  So if you need to cover a wide window, you can get the width you need by buying a large flat bedsheet for around $12.  Custom curtains could easily run you $200+!  Plus, if you’re looking for something on the plainer side as we were, you can’t beat a crisp white curtain (bedsheet….shhh!).

Here are the details.  I purchased 4 sheets in total to make 6 curtains.  For the wider window I got two full sized flat sheets.  That’s it. I just washed them and attached then with drapery ring hooks!  For the smaller windows, I purchased a king size flat sheet for each one, and then cut it in halve lengthwise, finished the long edge, and then hemmed the curtains to the proper length (which ended up being about 9″ shorter than the sheet).  The whole project was done in about one nap, and I think the effect is pretty dramatic–here’s what the undressed windows looked like:

ektorp sofa gray slipcover

The space feels so much more finished now and somehow both bigger and cozier (not sure how that’s possible!).  I don’t have a picture of the other bank of windows, but it is just like the ones on the left (and used the one king sized flat sheet for the two curtains).  We had to purchase the curtain rods of course, which set us back more than a few beans, but we at least used our Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and saved a bunch too!  I’ve found that BBB can be a great source of curtain rods, especially for bigger sizes.  Although I’ve started to branch out a bit too.  I saw the other day that Lowes has a pretty nice selection as well so I might have to check that out for our next curtain adventure!

What have you found works well for inexpensive curtains?  Are you an IKEA-or-bust type?  Do you always sew your own from scratch?  Do you shop flash sales?




6 thoughts on “How I got 6 curtains for $50

    • Lovely! We have those in our daughter’s room actually! I totally would have used them in our living room too if they were wide enough – or if they were only decorative and didn’t need to be closed!


  1. I’m glad we’re not the only family with sheet curtains! I remember my mom sewing actual curtains/valances out of sheets. Our curtains in the basement now are sheets. I didn’t even use clips, I just opened up the end seams and slid the rod right through, talk about serious laziness!
    Yours look great! I love inexpensive/easy solutions!

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