Fireplace makeover Part 2: Whitewashed brick

This is the story of our fireplace’s makeover.  Are you ready for a little walk down memory lane?  Fabulous!  Let’s rewind to last year, when we bought our fixer-upper.  I was so excited about finally having a fireplace and mantle in our new place that I was able to overlook its ugliness.  But only for a time.  

wood paneling around fireplaceThe first phase of the fireplace makeover involved spray painting the dated brassy surround with high-heat black spray paint, which we did way back in the Spring before we even moved in:

CIMG4203Then we ditched the remainder of the paneling and were left with this lovely spot when we finally moved in:


Shortly thereafter, we got to painting the mantle itself from the icky yellow-beige to a nice crisp white to match the trim in the rest of the space:

new slipper chair and mantleAnd we were pretty happy with that for awhile – and I even did a bit of seasonal decorating with this fall mantlescape:

fall mantle 3But I just couldn’t take it anymore – I wanted those bricks painted so badly!  One reason I waited so long (besides the list of house projects being about a mile long…) was that I couldn’t decide if I wanted white painted brick or whitewashed brick.  I went back and forth for months, and finally decided on going the whitewash route since I figured I could always do another coat if I hated the whitewash and wanted all white brick.  This was actually a project that DH took on for me since he was equally excited for the transformation had a bit more time on his hands.  You basically just water down the paint with water and brush it on; what could be easier??  I’m in love.  Without further ado, I give you the finished fireplace!

white wash brick fireplaceDoesn’t the whole space seem so much lighter and brighter?  I really love the way the whitewash turned out.  It covered a bit more than I expected, but I like that you can still see some of the texture and variation of the brick.  Maybe someday down the road we’ll change our minds and paint the entire thing, but right now we’re loving the whitewash look.  If you look closely, you’ll see another update in that last picture: sconces!  I got these for a steal (around $50 total I think) at my new favorite spot for lighting,  My MO is to find a lamp or lighting fixture I love, and the stalk it until it goes on sale during their open box sale and snag it for super cheap.  It has helped with lighting in other rooms as well (more on that to come!).  If you’re in the market for any type of lighting, I highly recommend you check them out.  I’ve so far been very impressed with their customer service as well!  Here’s what this spot looks like with the sconces turned on; so cozy!

fireplace scones

Anyway, back to the finished mantle.  I’m so happy with the transformation that I almost wish I had more brick somewhere to paint!  I can’t wait to get some pics up of Christmas decorating with our newly updated fireplace.  I think Santa will really enjoy coming down this chimney this year!



7 thoughts on “Fireplace makeover Part 2: Whitewashed brick

  1. Just wondering about yuor New Quay countertop. Are you still happy with your choice. Our kitchen is very similar and I am in the process of ordering. Also wondered about your backsplash, you changed to subway tile.

    • We absolutely love it still! We also still love the subway tile backsplash, which allows the counters to be the star, so to speak. We did do a marble penny tile insert above the stove too–definitely check out the pictures. Good luck with your reno 🙂 Cheers, G

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