Buh-bye yellow!

Since we purchased our new home I’ve been feeling like we’ve been chasing the yellow slowly but surely out of the house.  For example, we turned our backstairs from this:

Back Hallway Before 1

to this:

Hallway after 1

And the “everything closet” from this:

CIMG4526 - Copy

to this:

white painted cabinet with trim 1

The latest victim?  The one light fixture that was left in our office/playroom/ guest room upstairs:

Billys upstairs beforeYep – that was the only light in the whole huge room!  I have nothing against yellow in general, but it really didn’t go at all with the overall feel of the room we were going for.  However, because we’re desperately trying to save money where we can, I opted to refurbish it rather than buy a whole new fixture.  I figured it was nothing a bit of spray paint couldn’t fix!  I actually think the shape of the light is great, and had a feeling that a smooth new paint job would really do wonders for this little guy!  This was actually a project I finished a few months ago, but I totally forgot to blog about it in the flurry of activity that was the master bathroom reno!

All I did for this little makeover was take down the fixture, dismantle it (which really just involved unscrewing the bulb), and take the yellow plastic shade outside for a few coats of spray!  I snapped a quick picture as I was working – here’s a shot of when just the interior was sprayed:

yellow to teal spray paintIn addition to giving the fixture a quick spray paint job, I also moved where the fixture hung in the room.  This isn’t nearly as complicated as it may sound since the fixture was not hardwired, but rather was basically just a light bulb socket and this plastic piece, all on a long cord that plugged into an outlet close to the ceiling.  This is the side of the room I moved the light to – the seating area that had only that floor lamp to light the space, which was terrible if you wanted to use the play table in the evening:  

CIMG4441Once I got the fixture re-fitted, I was so glad I had busted out the spray paint rather than shelling out some cash for a new fixture!

CIMG4456The fixture gives off a nice glow in the evening, and the light is great to have right over the sofa and table area.  We still have other lighting issues to address in the room, and someday I’d love to do some hardwired overhead lighting, but for now, this is already doing wonders for an otherwise very dark room!  I always love a cheap and dramatic makeover – especially one that doesn’t take much time.  Win-win-win!

What have you been spray painting lately?








8 thoughts on “Buh-bye yellow!

    • Hi Mary! Yes, the ceiling is great! Unfortunately it is also uninsulated, so we’re having issues with the space being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter! I’d love to insulate the ceiling (I could watch your how-to!) and then install a new wood ceiling with a darker stain and do some lighting. Probably that’s a few years off though!

  1. Well done! It looks great. It takes some confidence to do that. I’d like to spray paint my kitchen aid mixer to white/silver/grey, instead of red, but I think I’d better find something to practice on first.

  2. I’ve never tired spray painting anything. I’m a can of paint and brush girl. But I keep seeing people tackling project with a spray can. I think it’s time I got onboard that train. Nice job.

  3. whoa, that yellow and paneling combination is EXACTLY what was in my grandmother’s basement! We painted it all antique white to sell the place. Unfortunately, my grandfather built closets in the part you could stand up in and left the area filled with duct work as a room that was unusable for tall people. But I think painting the unsalvageable paneling still helped.

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