Lofty ideas

One space we’ve struggled a bit with in the new house is our loft area – really more of a glorified landing that has very little walkable space before you enter the main upstairs room.  There’s a fair bit of space really, but for most of it the ceiling is so sloped that you can’t do much but sit on a low chair, unless you’re a child!  Since we already had a great play space in the main room upstairs:

upstairs play roomWe didn’t need another play space really.  So I thought about some specific activities that might be fun in the space.  A reading nook?  A spot for dress-up?  Both?  Both!  The only problem?  The space was completely covered in boxes of CDs and books!  However, with DH’s media den coming along nicely down in the basement, we were able to finally move all the, well, media, and reclaim the space. I thought I had taken some pics of the chaos, but apparently not, so you’ll have to imagine a tiny space crammed to the ceiling with boxes and random crap.  That was our loft space for the first 5+ months we lived here.  And it bothered me any day I went upstairs.  Which was most days.

But now I’m happy to report that we have reclaimed the space and turned it into a sa-weet spot for reading stories and playing dress-up.  And about 90% of the space was furnished by shopping around our house.  I nabbed the chaise lounge from the playroom nook and angled it back as far I it could go so an adult could still sit and not get bumped on the noggin:

reading nook
I wanted a small side table for a drink, but didn’t want to have to spend any money on this makeover, so I went shopping in our basement and turned up this IKEA plant stand-turned-table we had in our previous place:


I gave it a quick coat of primer, and took it out to the garage (since it is too cold for spray painting outside now!) and coated it with a nice gray-blue spray paint I picked up at Michaels the other day.  The color is great and pics up on some of the color from the pillow on the chaise, and the size is perfect for the tight space!

On the other side I slid the white toy chest we got for a steal last year at a second hand kids store here in Evanston.  I filled it with the random bits of dress-up attire I’ve been saving since Sydney was born:

CIMG4734I also added a few more random  homeless pillows from around the house and that great oversize bird poster that had been in our living room at our old place back when it was orange and blue.  In the middle you can also see the white slip-covered bench (previously in our bedroom and then in storage for awhile).  It currently mostly serves as a place to stash random stuff with no home yet, and also blocks from view the fact that I stuffed our luggage back there.  Down the road it would be nice to have some low bookshelves down there, but there’s still plenty of space in the main play room for books so I’m not in a hurry just yet.   But back to the dress-up area!  No dress up space would be complete without a mirror to model things in front of, so I purchased the cheapest mirror I could find on clearance at Target, and installed it in the last bit of space left:

CIMG4737It was meant to hang on a door, but I was able to add a picture hanger on the back and then install it on the wall.  Of course looking at the photo above there’s clearly a ton of painting left to do in this tiny space.  All that mismatched wood trim is slated to be painted a crisp white, and if you pan to the right you can see we still have unpainted drywall to work on!

CIMG4733But at least that’s a lot easier to ignore than a pile of boxes, especially when I can snuggle up with my daughter on the chaise with a stack of books and set my tea on the side table.  The house isn’t done, but life is good!




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