Christmas Decorating, Year 1

DH and I took a pretty laid-back approach to our holiday decorating this year.  With the move and all the renovations we’ve been doing over the past year (including a total gut and remodel of the kitchen and master bathroom) we thought the holidays would be a good time to try to slow things down and focus on spending time together as a family rather than go all out with decking our new halls.  So even though I’m usually the one to be all over Pinterest pinning a million ideas for making our home sparkle with holiday cheer, I’ve been happy with our choice to take it easy this year and go easy on the decorating.  I vowed to spend as little as possible on decor this year as well, promising myself I’d use  what we already had from previous years and finding new ways to use old things to decorate our new space.

The most exciting thing for me was the mantle.  I had so much fun decorating it for fall, that I was excited to break out the garlands and (battery-operated) candles and go to town with a festive mantlescape:

holiday mantle 1

The votive holders were some I got on sale at Crate and Barrel a few years ago, the pillar candle holders are from IKEA, and the small hurricanes are filled with tiny ornaments from Michaels–all leftovers from previous Christmases.  In addition to the garland and ornaments and candles (all things I already owned) we did go ahead and purchase two new things–a candelabra for our non-functional fireplace so we could still feel that fireside glow, and personalized stockings so Santa knows who gets which stocking suffers.  holiday mantle 4

We decided that these were nice things to invest in and really the make the space feel so cozy and finished that they were totally worth it.  The candelabra we ordered off and can use well past the holidays as long as the weather is cold.


I had a hard time finding nine candles to fill it without breaking the bank (Target wanted $10 for one pillar candle!).  Do you know where I found the best deal?  IKEA.  Of course.  I was able to get all 9 for well under $30, and so far they’ve lasted awhile.  Even when not lit, I love the way they fill the previously empty space in there!  The stockings we ordered from Pottery Barn during their free personalization event they held around Thanksgiving.  We saved a bit of cash too by opting for the smaller size, but these still seem plenty big to me; plus, smaller stockings are cheaper to fill up!  Oh, and the silver pillow was one of two I had purchased probably 8 years ago from Target.  They never really had a place in our condo, but I never got rid of them because I love them so much.  When I pulled  up the Christmas decorations this year and found them I tried them out on the new slipper chairs and loved how well the leaf motif on the pillows went with the leaves on the slipper chair, and the shimmer on the pillow tied together with the shimmery mantlescape.  My pillows found a new holiday home, and the slipper chairs got a holiday makeover.  Yay!

I didn’t take pics of the tree yet, but I’ll try to post some if I get to it. The color scheme was similar to the mantlescape–teals, greens, gold, and silver.  The other place where I ended up spending just a bit of cash was on a new wreath for the kitchen.  I wanted something light and fresh that could bring a lot of cheer in a small space.  I found this Smith and Hawken (faux) boxwood wreath at Target and fell in love.  It was the perfect size to hang on our kitchen chalkboard:

boxwood wreath kitchen chalkboardI used some burlap ribbon from a previous thanksgiving, and a 3M hook I already had to hang it at the top of the chalkboard and I smile every time I see it, which is often since the kitchen/dining/living rooms are so open now.  I snapped this pic right after our holiday party–the chalkboard came in very handy for drink menu!

I’ll try to take a few more pics to share our holiday decorating this year–otherwise it might have to wait until next year.  I still have a bunch of wrapping to do…

What’s your approach to decorating this holidays season?  Are you going all-out?  Or are you scaling back so you have more time to bake cookies?  Are you shopping end of the season sales for next year?  Are you making new decorations from Pinterest?




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