Handmade Christmas

This year I wanted to make a few of Sydney’s Christmas gifts and had a lot of fun doing it.  I didn’t get to everything on my list (who ever does?) but I did end up with three pretty cute gifts!

Alphabet letters

The first thing I wanted to do was make her some magnetic letters to use on our kitchen’s magnetic chalkboard (before this gift she didn’t know it was magnetic !).  I looked at a few options for wooden letters and magnets from Michael’s this fall but didn’t pull the trigger–and I’m glad I didn’t because a few weeks later while at Home Goods I found this set of already magnetized letters from the Melissa and Doug toy line!


However I knew that the primary colors would drive me bonkers in our open living space (the chalkboard is in the kitchen front and center and you can see it from the living room and dining room), so for this gift the only part I really made was the color change.  I just used craft paint since spray painting was out of the question with the cold this time of year, and I only needed a small amount of a few different colors.  I first did a couple quick coats of white paint to prime them and prevent bleed-through:


And then alphabetized them and used a couple different colors of paint to transform them from primary (blah) to something that fits better with the overall color scheme of our home (ahhhhh).  A quick coat of sealer helped to make sure they were durable too, which is good because so far Sydney has mostly been interested in carting them around in the back of her toy stroller as she pops wheelies and watches them all tumble out.  I guess we’ll get to spelling another day!


Hooded Towel

The second DIY gift I completed was a hooded towel.  Sydney has already outgrown two and keeps growing!  I know she could probably switch to a boring old regular hood-less towel at this point, but she loves being snuggled in a hooded towel post bath-time and it is one of my favorite times of the whole day, so since we’re both still digging it, I decided to just make a bigger hooded towel.  I shopped around Pinterest for awhile this fall and read through several tutorials, and landed on this one.  Sydney’s previous hooded towels were just white, so for this one I used some color and pattern!


The tutorial was straightforward and I loved the way the finished towel looked (on many others the hood wasn’t nearly so nice looking!).  The only thing I’d note if you want to use this tutorial is that you should use towel that isn’t super plush and thick–otherwise the hood won’t work very well.  I learned this the hard way; when I tried this with a very thick plush towel it didn’t turn out, but when I used a less thick towel it worked great!  Here’s a close up of the hood of the towel when all folded up:


Toddler Stripe Duvet Cover

The final thing I DIYed for Sydney for Christmas was the most involved–I sewed a duvet cover to match her existing bedding (she currently just sleeps with a blanket, but I thought for especially cold nights a full on comforter-with-duvet cover would be much cozier!  Here’s a peek at how it turned out!

DIY toddler stripe duvet coverI’ll post more details about the duvet cover soon.  It was such a fun project and once I got going with it it was actually pretty easy to pull off (I’m by no means a master seamstress!).  So far Sydney really loves it and likes to play with it in addition to snuggling under it at night.  More soon!

Did you make any gifts this holiday season?




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