Mid-winter Break

Hello!  Is everyone staying warm?  We’re just recovering from an incredible cold snap here in Chicago (windchill at -40°F!!) and I’ve never felt more grateful for seeing a thermometer read 20°F!

January is my favorite time of year.  The holidays are over and an incredible calmness returns to everyday life.  I typically have entire weekends with nothing at all planned, unless you count sitting on the couch with DH and watching an entire movie with a huge bowl of popcorn!  Some might call this time of year boring, but I prefer to think about it as a time of reflection, relaxation, planning, and getting. stuff. done.  Stuff that I had the best of intentions to do last year, but never quite got around to.  Boy do I love how much January can be both restorative and productive!  I usually get a ton of blogging done in January too and get a good jump on projects for the new year.

However this year our January is somehow very full.  We have play dates and swimming lessons and out of town guests and baby showers galore.  All of these things are wonderful indeed, and DH and I are excited for all of this.  However, I know January won’t really be, well January.  Thus, in an effort to keep from going crazy my zen attitude, I’m going to take a little while off from the 2BB so I can focus on, well, life.

I’ll be back hopefully some time in February with lists and projects and updates galore.  Until then I wish everyone a restful, peaceful, productive, and warm Winter!




I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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