2013 Highlights

She’s baaaaaack!  I’m finally back to the blogging after a much needed break!

It really is amazing how time seems to pass so quickly these days.  It is hard to believe, for example, that it has already been eight months that we’ve been in the new house!  I thought that before I jumped back into chronicling the new goings-on here at 2BB that the beginning of the new year would be a great time to review highlights of what happened in the previous year on the blog, including reader favorites.  So without further ado, here are the2bedroomblues 2013 highlights!

I started the new year off with a popular blog post about holiday decorating in small spaces:


And soon turned my attention to planning for the huge kitchen reno we undertook in 2013 taking our dated 1960s kitchen from this:


to this:

kitchen painted 1

You can see posts about the planning here, progress on the space here, here, and here, and final pics in here).

We also did a lot of planning for our upstairs “everything” room, including an inspiration board post:

Upstairs inspiration 1 Upstairs inspiration 2And posts taking the space from this:


to this:


You can read more about the transformation here, here, and here.

After the closet, the biggest project we worked on was our master bathroom.  We took it from a tiny airplane bathroom full of layers of wallpaper and moldy walls:

tiny master bathroom

To a much larger, updated, and lovely space (it is still in progress, but the construction is all done!).

master bath reno 1

A few other highlights include:

  • the makeover of our one utility closet (which I lovingly call our “everything closet”) from yellow and dark pine to white and bright
  • transforming Sydney’s room from old paneling and pink carpet to a classy spot for our little girl (see posts here and here)
  • making progress in our master bedroom with refinished floor, some paint, and a new ceiling (see progress here and here)
  • getting started on the basement media den for DH’s extensive collection of CDs and vinyl
  • the fabulous FLOR tiles we installed in our mudroom
  • how I was able to get a ton of curtains for our huge living room windows for $50

Finally, one of my favorite projects of last year was the new chalkboard in our kitchen – see the details in this post.

chalkboard in kitchen final

I’ll be back soon with more updates to ring in 2014!




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