Brassy to Modern and Classy

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’m a huge fan of spray paint.  I love that the application is simple but the transformation can be so profound!  Most recently I’ve spray painted an old plastic light for our upstairs room:


And and old plant stand-turned-side-table for our upstairs reading nook:

reading nook

The latest project involved two thrift store lamps we picked up last fall for $8.  Here they are in all their brassy, pleated-shade glory:

brassy lamps - before

After removing the old shades and harps and taping off the cord and light bulb socket, I used the same spray paint I used for the plastic hanging lamp upstairs and did a few light even coats.   Then I popped two in expensive basic white linen shades from Lowe’s on top of each one, stood back, and admired the transformation:

brassy lamps - afterDon’t they look so much classier now – so modern and fun?  I just love the classic shape of the lamp with the fun pop of color.  I had my eye out for some inexpensive lamps for our upstairs “everything room” to add some much needed light since there are no overhead fixtures in the whole room.  When I saw these awhile back while casually strolling through the Brown Elephant last fall, I just knew they’d be perfect for the space once they were spruced up a bit.  Here’s where they ended up in the room, right on top of our expedit shelving:

brassy to class lamps - in placeWe’d love to eventually get over head lighting in the room, but for now it is sufficient.  Plus, did I mention how much I love them??  I’m now on the prowl for more inexpensive lamps I can transform with a quick spray paint job and can’t wait to go thrifting again.  DH actually suggested we go this weekend so who knows?  Maybe we’ll find some lamps for our bedroom!

What have you been transforming with spray paint lately?



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