More peeling and sticking (and some prying)

More exiting news from our back steps and this time it involves our newest tool: the pry bar.  Pretty sure when I went to go buy myself my first pry bar it was that and two lampshades for the upstairs lamps.  I’ve often found that trips to Lowe’s/Home Depot can be pretty random.  Who the heck buys a pry bar in the same trip as lamp shades?  This chick.

But back to our exciting back steps.  When I posted last week with an update, we had made some great progress on the top half of the stairs using vinyl peel-and-stick tiles:

back stairs vinyl tile 1But we were yet to tackle the landing.  Recall that there was no way to remove only the old linoleum because whatever glue was used to install it was definitely meant to be permanent.  On the stairs, we simply installed the new tile on top of the existing linoleum.  However, with the landing we knew we wanted some additional clearance to allow the door to open fully.  You can see the scuff marks on the floor of the landing where the door scrapes the floor and doesn’t open fully in the picture above.

We had no idea how that part of the project would go so we made sure to tackle it when we were pretty sure our little lady was down for a loooong nap.  It turned out to be pretty easy to pry up the old plywood floor – DH was able to do it in just a few minutes.  What we found underneath was painted wood flooring:

CIMG4853The weird thing was what was sticking up out of the floor.  A whole bunch of some kind of metal fastener that I hadn’t seen before.  DH and I tried to pull them out with a pliers and with the claw side of a hammer, but those dang things wouldn’t budge.  And we couldn’t leave them because they stuck up a good 1/2 inch.  I finally figured out that if we hit then back and forth with a hammer enough times they were so old an corroded they the’d eventually break off level with the floor.  So DH and I spent a good 45 minutes doing that together on this tiny patch of floor.  Lovely date.

Then we got to start on the fun part of the project: laying the vinyl tile.  Compared to the stairs, this part was actually much easier because I could mostly use full tiles.  I did an off-set pattern for the landing, and it turned out pretty nicely!


If you look closely, you can see one more update too: we finally installed the stair nosings!  Luckily this part of the stairway is a standard 3′ wide, so we were able to purchase nosings already cut to size from Lowe’s.  We opted for a satin nickel finish rather than the shiny aluminum ones that were there previously, and I like that they blend in with the tile pretty well, and go better with the wall color.  Things are really coming together!

vinyl tile landing

I love this view now!  So much better than where we started from!

Back Hallway Before 1

The only problem is that once you turn the corner to head down to the basement…

ugly basement stairs before

Ugh.  Yeah.  We still have those to deal with.  After pulling up a fair number of random nails and staples from where some cheap carpeting had been installed previously, we realized that many of the nails that were sticking out were actually holding the stairs in place.  So we stopped pulling those out.  I guess we’ll have to improvise a bit.  Stay tuned as the stair saga continues…




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