Our spa-like retreat

Remember how we had an entirely new bathroom installed last fall?  And when I last posted it was still looking done but not “finished?”

master bath reno 1

I had created a mood board for the space that I wanted to feel as much like a spa as such a tiny bathroom could.  It included pale blue-green paint, brushed nickel fixtures with dimmable lights, and a Pottery Barn shower curtain I had fallen hard for:

master bathroom mood board

Well, I’m happy to report that we’ve made some good progress on the space (even if the blog update is well overdue!).  We started with a pale gray-blue-green on the walls and added this fabulous gray and beige medallion print shower curtain from Pottery Barn.

new master bathroom painted

To  make the space more functional we added some robe hooks to the long wall:

master bathroom robe hooks

I’d love to someday add some board and batten to that long wall (something like this probably?) to add some interest to the space without making it feel too cluttered.  It would also be much sturdier long-term to have the hooks installed into wood rather than into the drywall.  I’m currently drooling over all the fabulous DIYers out there who have done their own board and batten. I’m seriously smitten these days!

One thing that was a bit of a challenge with this reno was going from having cupboard and medicine cabinet space to having only drawer and under-sink storage space.  So things that used to stand upright on a shelf now must be tucked away in a drawer–or gasp!–be left out on those pristine counters.  We’ve adjusted pretty well to the new system of keeping things in drawers and only having the bare minimum out on the vanity top.  One thing that we definitely struggled with though was where to stash the Listerene mouthwash we use everyday.  It comes in a bulky and awkward bottle that didn’t fit well in our drawers.  I then remembered seeing this idea a long time go (pre-Pinterest!) in a magazine: decant mouthwash in a glass bottle with one of those bottle tops used for pouring liquor!

master bathroom vanity topNow the lovely green liquid coordinates with the decor of the room nicely without having the gigantic and unsightly bottle on the counter!  We love it!

I still would like to add some art and perhaps a shelf (in addition to the above-mentioned board and batten!), but I’d say this room is about 80% done and a far cry from where we started:

tiny master bathroomAnd in addition to the bathroom being quite pretty now, we love love love how well it functions for us compared to the previous bathroom!  And the heated floors were definitely a good investment…this Winter has been brutally cold!




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