Finding Space: chalk storage in the kitchen

Remember that huge chalkboard I painted in our kitchen last year?

chalkboard in kitchen final

Well, we still love it.  And what really nice is that our little kiddo loves it too and will (sometimes) entertain herself quietly with chalk while mom and dad try to cook dinner or clean up (does anyone else feel like they are always in the kitchen??).  It sure makes me thankful that we opted for an open concept living space with the kitchen reno!  But it also means that that everything in the room is always “out” and on display since you can see the kitchen from the living room.  The good, the bad, and the chalky.

I wanted the chalk to be accessible so Sydney could draw when inspiration struck.  But I hadn’t yet come up with a good spot to stash it in the kitchen, and I knew I didn’t want to put it in the cabinets since she’s not allowed to open them.  So had just been keeping the chalk in a rubbermaid platic container (like you would use bringing leftovers to work) and then kept 1-2 pieces for ourselves in a small pottery jar on the windowsill.  Thus, for the last several months this had been the clutter-tastic situation in this corner of our kitchen:


Not only was the container of chalk hard for Sydney to reach, there was not good spot for the eraser, so it was always toppling down and spreading chalk dust everywhere!  (Also, why on earth is there a remote for an air conditioner on the window sill when he ground is covered in snow?  Bah!).  I knew I needed to do something about the situation, but it wasn’t until I was browsing through the One Spot at Target several weeks ago that inspiration struck.  Did anyone else see the adorable tiny plastic baskets that sort of looked like laundry baskets?  I love them so much and suspected they could help corral the chalk clutter in the kitchen–and I was right!

CIMG4845I simply used some white 3M hooks (since I didn’t want this situation to be permanent) and then hung the baskets from the hooks.  One got the eraser, and the other the chalk:

CIMG4844I also took the liberty of further de-cluttering the space by tidying the corkboard.  Doesn’t it look much nicer with a few extra push pins and with everything at a right angle?  I don’t think I ever posted about this little hidden gem, but it is so nice to have.  I had this in a similar spot in our old living room on the side of a bookcase.  It is a great piece of un-used real estate in the kitchen, and because it faces the stairs you don’t see it from most angles.

CIMG4846This project was a nice reminder that $2 and 5 minutes can be all you need to create a little more sanity in a small corner of the house.  Now if only that window casing would paint itself…

What’s your favorite 5-minute organizing project?



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