DIY hook rail

I’m so excited about my latest DIY project!


I’ve posted several times lately about our ongoing  and seemingly never-ending project of transforming or back stairs.  The only good thing about how the space looked when we bought the house?  The functional storage the previous owner had added in the form of some hook rails behind the door:

Back Hallway Before 1But they both got the boot during our renovation of the space.  However, once we had made so much progress with the area between the new drywall, the paint, the lighting, and the new vinyl tile, I definitely felt like the space was missing something:

vinyl tile landingThen in dawned on me what the space was lacking: a hook rail!  I actually still had the old oak and faux-gold rail we had previously removed but refurbishing it seemed to be more trouble than it was worth, and it wasn’t quite large enough.  I scoured Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon for a hook rail that had the look I wanted–something in classic white with oil-rubbed bronze hooks.  I also needed something that would fill the space (I needed something about 3′ wide) but the hooks were where I ran into the most trouble.  With the door open, there is less than 2″ of clearance between the door and the wall, so I definitely needed hooks that kept a low profile.

When I convinced myself that what I needed didn’t exist in the world pre-fab, I figured I could DIY something without too much trouble.  I grabbed a 3′ oak board from Home Depot and cut a piece of trim to the same length.  I also ordered four double hooks from Amazon (Liberty Hardware I believe) where the hooks go out to the side rather than sticking out really far from the wall.   This served as the basis for my new hook rail:

CIMG4864First I used liquid nails to attach the trim piece to the board, and then I applied several coats of primer–and then a final coat of white paint.  And yes, being a working mom and all meant that this was one of those projects that sat in the living room all week while I completed one tiny coat of paint at a time each night after the kiddo was in bed.  But eventually, I got the whole thing painted.  I originall planned to install the hooks before mounting the entire thing to the wall, but I was worried the drill would go through and nic the floor (and this time of year, outside really isn’t an option) so I just installed the board first and then drilled the holes for the hooks.  (I actually made DH do that part.  Full disclosure.  I think I was already on the next project by then!)

hook rail with oil rubbed bronze hooks

hook rail with oil rubbed bronze hooks

Does this make the space feel so much more finished?  And best of all, the added storage back there is great.  It is perfect for stashing reusable shopping bags, extra bags or coats, the diaper bag, or really anything that the mudroom can’t quite fit.  We love it!  Oh, and the astute among you will also notice the new rug in the space.  It was so hard to find a really small one for the space that was also flat enough that the door could swing open over it, but Target totally came through for me.  I ordered this one online (I couldn’t find this color in the stores) and you can’t beat the $10 price tag!

What’s your latest DIY project?  Are you also hook obsessed?  Has anyone else heard about the fab line of hooks that John and Sherry over at Young House Love have designed for Target?  Fun stuff!




5 thoughts on “DIY hook rail

  1. Wow really a nice post dude…!!!
    Thanks for giving us a good information on basement stairs…!!

    Sounds like amazing space management and look nice…!!!

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