Planning a new closet from scratch

When we completely gutted our master bathroom last year we gained more than a lovely and functional new bathroom—we also gained a second closet for the master bedroom. This one, which is a bit smaller than the other closet that was original to the room, I graciously offered to DH. Although his new closet is not quite as big as mine, it isn’t a raw deal—since this closet was 100% new it meant we got to design it from scratch and outfit it to exactly fit his needs.

The new closet we roughed out was was standard reach-in.


We went with sliding doors similar to the ones we did when we re-did our master closet back at our condo since we liked the look of the sliders better than bi-folds, and the space is pretty tight.  Sliding doors do present some closet layout challenges–mainly that anything that slides or pulls out (like a gliding pant rack or a drawer) must clear the small opening of half the closet’s width.  But we knew we could work around that issue with careful planning.

The only thing standing in the way of DH and his new dream closet though was the fact that there was no Elfa sale going on when the bathroom was finished last November. Since the Elfa sale is so huge (30% off) we knew we could save some serious money by waiting until the sale hit. So poor DH waited it out through the holidays with a makeshift closet composed of a bookshelf:


and laundry basket:


Notably, not the best use of space!

The rest of his hanging clothes were in our spare bedroom, which meant that to get dressed he had to first put on his bottom half (pants were in the closet) and then go traipsing through the kitchen and into the spare bedroom (shirts were in there). Suffice it to say that when I mentioned I thought it was time to start planning his new closet so we could purchase during the sale in January, he wasted no time in setting up a log-in on the Container Store’s website and got started planning in earnest! I suggested he first do an inventory of his clothes (how many pairs of dress pants, how many feet of hanging space he’d need for shirts, etc.), and then figure out what other types of clothes he hoped to store in there. The clothes that presented the greatest challenge were t-shirts and hoodies. I had some ideas of how to deal with those that I’ll share later!

I made some suggestions of for the general layout of the closet and then DH worked with an Elfa designer remotely to plan the final design that involved hanging space, several shelves, a gliding pants rack, and drawer.

I’ll post after pics soon so you can see the lovely transformation!




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