Piano styling

Although I’ve posted many pics of our new house, I don’t think I’ve yet posted any pics of our piano!   Both DH and I were involved in music in many ways back the day (both of us played in band, jazz band, and orchestra) and we both still play the piano from time to time.  To this day, playing the piano is one of my favorite ways to relax and feel more centered.  In my late teens and into my 20s I moved a lot, but I really wanted to be able to keep playing so I purchased digital piano.  For those of you unfamiliar with keyed instruments, a digital piano is sort of a cross between a keyboard (meaning it is electric and is lighter since the sound is not made by actually striking strings) but still has the feel of a piano because they keys are “weighted.”  Thus, for a piano lover who moves a lot, a digital piano is a great alternative to a real piano.   Plus, it does make some cool non-piano sounds (harpsichord, choir, guitar, pipe organ, etc.) for when you’re feeling especially goofy or dramatic.

One of the things that I know others with small spaces have struggled with is how to decorate around a piano.  Since it is something meant to be shared and enjoyed, you really want it in your main living or family space, so you need to make it blend into its surrounding and feel a part of the room.  But it is hard for sure!  Especially when the piano is not a real piano at all, but a much less expensive version.

I’ll admit that one of the things that I loved about the house when we were looking at it was that it basically had a built-in piano nook in the living room where the previous owner had her piano.  So naturally, I moved ours right in to its new home when we moved in!  You can see this early pic from right after we moved in of the “nook” where it ended up:


Fast forward many months and some trial and error later, and now it is looking much more integrated with its surroundings:

piano nook decorating

The framed Renoir reproduction my parents gifted me many years ago.  It was hung over the piano in my house growing up.  It was in  a huge gold frame then and when I received it at the time that wasn’t really my style, so I had it re-framed in black, although sometimes I think that huge gold frame would look pretty fab in the new space!  The clock I saw randomly on clearance at Kohls this winter and purchased for $25, and the lamp had been on our desk back at our condo.  Here’s a closer up pic of the nook:


We’re pretty happy with its current state, although there are a few things for sure that I’d still like to do.  First, I’d like to find some more attractive storage for our piano music.  I’ve got my eye on a couple of pretty buy unobtrusive magazine files that would work well instead of the brown ones there now.  Second, the piano bench that came with the piano is quite small–certainly big enough for one person, but not for two, and DH and sometimes like to play duets and now our little girl has also taken an interest.  I actually picked up larger piano bench for a few dollars at a yard sale last summer.  It definitely needs to be recovered, but that’s exactly why I bought it–I would love to see a big bench there with a fabric that would tie the piano nook in with the rest of the living space.  I’ll be sure to post pics once I finally get around to finishing up the piano nook!




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