New art!

I’m so thrilled that we’re actually starting to put up a bit of art on our walls.  It really does make a space feel like home!  What you choose to put on the walls of your home is very personal, and sometimes I don’t like to post about it for just that reason.  I’m not an expert on art at all, but just like the way certain things look.  But everyone is different–what is stunning to one person could be very unpleasant for someone else to view.  So rest assured that if you don’t like our art choices, that’s totally okay!

Ah, but back to progress.  We’ve started adding things to the walls in Sydney’s room and in our master bedroom, all with things we brought with us from our condo.  I couldn’t find the perfect thing for our new master bathroom though, or for the  space above our new DIY hook rail.  Do you know what I ended up doing?  I shopped my own Pinterest pins for inspiration and found two great prints for the blank spaces!

First, for the master bathroom I needed something for above the toilet:

new master bathroom painted

I came across this beautiful photo from an etsy shop (Lisa Russo Fine Art) of an old faucet that I just loved but never had a spot for in our old place.  I am so thrilled to finally have the perfect spot for it and was so excited to finally place my order a few weeks back!


I loved the colors so much–aqua, beige, brown, gray–and thought it was a nice nod to the theme of water for the bathroom.  It fills the space so nicely and every time I go in the bathroom I smile just a bit.

faucet art in bathroom

The second spot that needed some art was above the DIY hook rail we just installed:

hook rail with oil rubbed bronze hooks

hook rail with oil rubbed bronze hooks

The space is pretty neutral so I wanted to add something to make it feel a bit more home-y since we come and go most of the time out that back door.  I came across the perfect thing: a personalized print with our house number on it!


I love the simplicity of the print and the sweet key, and how well the gray of the print ties in with the back door.  I ordered this one from Jenna Sue Design Co. ( in case you’re interested in something similar!).   This little frame of happiness is such a nice thing to see before leaving for the day and to come home to, especially since working on our home is my only hobby I really have time for these days!  Plus, just like with the new bathroom art, it really fill the empty space nicely:


Each of these new pieces of art were 8×10″ size.  I looked a few stores for frames but didn’t have time to make a trip out to IKEA where I thought I might get the best deal.  Fortunately when I checked Michaels they were having a buy one get one sale on frames, so I got both for $25.  Sa-weet!

Have you hung any new art lately?  Do you think a rusty faucet is a weird thing to put in a bathroom?  Are you excited about BOGO frames?




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