One down…

In our house we inherited a mis-mash of door colors and styles.  I knew that once painted white they would look much more uniform and seamless.  But I didn’t realize just how long it would take to paint 13 doors!  Until a few weeks ago the only door we had painted was the previously yellow back door.  We actually opted to paint it gray rather than white, but still, it was a start:


One weekend I was feeling like I just had to make progress on some high-impact project.  Winter was (is) long this year, and I was feeling like progress on the house was moving at a snails pace as we slogged through the winter.  So I took the slighly-above-freezing weekend as a sign that it was time to paint another door.  I landed on the bedroom door since I use it a million times a day and you can see it from the kitchen/dining room where we spend so much of our time.  For reference, I’m talking about this door sneakily hanging out near the already-painted everything cupboard and our newly-painted back stairs looking very much un-painted and out of place:


When I am overwhelmed with the number of projects that need my attention, I like to triage by focusing my attention on whichever project will have the most bang for the effort.  This door, with its prominent placement and weird coloring, was an easy target for my restless Winter syndrome.  Here’s the “before” shot I took:

bedroom door before

And here’s the same door after much spackling, sanding, caulking, and two coats of primer and one coat of semi-gloss white paint:


The space now flows much better visually.  I’m totally in love.  However, this door was a paint to paint, let me tell you.  So although this means we still have 11 more to paint, I’m not dying to pick up a paintbrush again super soon.  I just have to figure out the next highest impact door and then convince myself it was worth it.  Or maybe have a door painting party??  I think next I might choose one that doesn’t also need to have the door trim painted–hopefully that will mean it will go a bit faster?  Maybe??

Have you ever been faced with painting a million doors?  Did you just get a sprayer?  That’s starting to sound might good at this point…



4 thoughts on “One down…

      • Ha, thanks. I’ll be ready to go once I total up all the woodwork my house needs. And then family and friends are gonna round up everything they want painted white and bring it all to my house. Should be interesting. I’m definitely looking forward to doing things that give me quick, visible results.

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