Stairs are MASTERED!

It is so nice to finally be able to present to you our completed basement stairs!

Honestly, I can’t believe how many posts I’ve written about our dang back stairs!  But it has certainly been quite the saga…

The last time I posted about the stairs we had added a DIY hook rail:

hook rail with oil rubbed bronze hooks

hook rail with oil rubbed bronze hooks

Did anyone notice that the stairs on the right that lead down to the basement were also finished?  Okay, probably no one except me noticed that.  But when I posted about us re-doing the dated linoleum steps (read more about that here and here) I left off with us only getting as far as the landing–I still had to tackle this:

ugly basement stairs before

This particular area was extra tricky.  These steps didn’t have the same linoleum that rest of the steps had.  They were just really basic wood steps that actually had some thin red carpeting on them when we moved in (the carpet came up when we had to pull up the rest of it last spring when we got flooded).  As we pulled up the remaining carpet staples and nails we realized that some of the nails that were still sticking out were actually the ones that held the stairs in place.  So, of course, we stopped pulling them out!  But it also meant that the vertical part of the step wouldn’t be completely flat and thus we couldn’t install the vinyl tiles there.  I grabbed some of the leftover greige paint that we used on the walls and (after a quick coat of primer of course) painted the vertical parts of the stairs (the risers?  I have no idea).  I figured at least this way they’d blend it a bit more than if they were still green!  Here’s the stairs post-makeover:

basement stair makeover

The other thing I did when installing the tiles was cut them a bit bigger than needed on that left side.  There was a big gap between the stair and the wall, and giving them an extra inch or so really helped fill in the bap a bit.  Ditto for the stair nosings.  I had really wanted to add some bead board trim to the risers as well, but this was such an improvement over what was there previously that I decided to just call it a day and move on to the next project.  After all, we have an entirely yellow and wood-paneled basement to still deal with!

I still can’t believe how long this project took us to finally complete, but I’m SO glad it is done!  I go up and down these stairs a lot to do laundry, and having them all the way done makes it a much nicer trek.  Here’s one more shot that I took to as best as I could capture the view coming up:

basement stair makeoverAnd thus (I hope!) ends the 1 1/2 year back stair saga.  I’m calling this one done.





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