Thrift Store finds – Fall/Winter

One thing I wish I had more time for is visiting thrift stores.  I love the idea of finding things that no longer have a home and giving them new life.  Plus, the deals are great, and you can often find things, give them new life with fabric, paint, etc. and make them your own.

I thought I’d share the latest thrift store/yard sale finds from the past few months.  Last fall I picked up this piano bench from a yard sale for $5:


I think I mentioned it in my recent post about piano styling.  Anyway, you can see that it needs some serious TLC: the bottom is pulling out a bit, and the faux leather is ripped.  But I know this pieces has good bones!  I plan to repair the bottom and re-upholster the top and make it feel new again.  The bonus?  The seat lifts up to reveal extra storage–always a welcome thing in a small house!

We also recently picked up a few things from the Brown Elephant in Andersonville and the Family Thrift Shop in Skokie:

thrift store finds

The lamp we already had, but the nightstand we picked up for $10.  We definitely needed something for our sometimes extra guest room/spare room and this was a perfect size/shape for the room.  It too needs some TLC and a good paint job, but I’m excited to tackle that project soon now that the weather is getting better.  The basket was a couple dollars and I thought could look great spray painted a fun color and be a good in the laundry room or for holding magazines in the kiddo’s room–we’ll have to see where it ends up!  The two CD crates were each a dollar and they’ve already been put to work organizing snacks in the pantry!

Finally, just the other day I picked up a couple small items from a local Junior League charity thrift store in Evanston:

thrift store containers

Not much to look at now, but again, with some paint I think these will each be quite lovely.  My daughter loves containers, so I thought the tin on the right would be fun to paint a poppy color or even paint a fun design onto (we’ll have to see how ambitious I feel…!).  The brown plant pot I thought would be another fun accent for her room (can you tell I’m already starting to think about her big girl room)?  The container in the middle is not technically from a thrift store but it is a one that I’ve had for years that is slated to get a makeover soon, so I i included it in the group pic.

Now that I’ve posted all those pics, I’m hoping it will motivate me to get out the spray paint and actually follow through with all these makeovers.  I’m most nervous about taking on the bench re-upholstery since I’m not at all experienced with upholstery; my only project to-date was our ottoman, which I still don’t love, but I figured I won’t get better without practice!  I’ll try to post about these projects as I complete them.  Wish me luck…




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