New master bedroom closet reveal

I posted the other day about the planning we did for DH’s new Elfa closet, and this post is much overdue!  Here’s the run down of the rest of the process. Once we had finalized the design remotely with the Elfa expert online the sale was in full swing so we pulled the trigger!  We were able to order everything online, which was awesome, and then we just had to make a trip up to the Container Store to pick everything up. When we did our last Elfa closet we were dealing with old lathe walls, so we had our contractor install the track.  But this time around with our brand-new drywall walls (read why here) we were confident we could do the install ourselves. It took us a little while to get it done, but we did it by ourselves without incident. Other than having to stop halfway through due to some missing pieces, the installation was smooth and easy!

Now DH no longer has a sad, empty, useless closet like this:


But instead has a neat, organized, functional, attractive spot for all his clothes!


I know DH loves his new closet which makes me happy. Heck, I love his new closet! So classy! We went with the slightly upgraded Elfa “décor” shelves with platinum rods and shelves, which tie in nicely with the espresso night stands we have in the room.  And buying during the sale meant we saved a few hundred dollars (hooray!).  Here’s the other side of the closet which went from this:


To this!


Since DH doesn’t have a proper dresser (just a large-ish nightstand) we had to figure out a good way to store his rather large collection of t-shirts so that they were accessible but still neat.  After looking around a bit on the Container Store’s website I landed on two of the bins you see above, which are actually marketed as large “linen handbag bins.”  But when I saw them and their dimensions I thought they’d be perfect for stacks of t-shirts because of their angled design.  You can see what I mean in this closer-up pic I took:


Other key elements of the new closet include a shelf below the hanging space, where DH can stash workout clothes and other random bits that collect, and a telescoping valet rod for hanging the next day’s outfit.   We still plan to add some hooks to the far right wall of the closet for extra hanging space for hoodies and robe, but I’d say the closet is about 95% complete.  So satisfying!

I can’t wait to do something similar in my closet, but given that it currently works okay as-is we’re going to put that off for a while and save our dollars for other more pressing projects (sigh). In the meantime now if I need an Elfa fix, I can just go stare lovingly at DH’s new closet. Beautiful!




4 thoughts on “New master bedroom closet reveal

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    • Hi Tierney! Sorry for the late reply–I’ve been on a blogging hiatus after the birth of baby #2. I purchased them through a company that specializes in store display products, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name! But I think most companies that supply those kinds of items (slatwall displays, mannequins, etc.) should stock them. Good luck!

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