Window Dressing

Here’s another long overdue post!  We now have curtains on our windows upstairs!


Okay, so technically we’ve had some curtains up there ever since we had our first guests stay with us a few weeks after we moved in:


And they were nice curtains, but they were just plain beige linen curtains, and the room had a little too beige much beige going on already between the carpet and the couch.    So when I saw these lovely leaf-y patterned curtains on clearance at T.J. Maxx I just had to bring them home!  I had actually originally wanted them for the dining room space:

dining room curtains

But of course didn’t think to measure prior to purchasing them.  These panels, like most you see off-the-shelf at stores are only 84″ long, and I definitely needed the 94″ ones in the dining room lest they look like total high-waters.  At first I considered returning them until I realized they might be perfect upstairs, where the old beige curtains (94″) were pooling horribly.  I couldn’t believe my luck–they were the perfect length!

upstairs curtains 1

I was especially pleased that as soon as I put them up DH commented on how much he loved them!  I like that they add just the right amount of color and interest to the large windows, and filter the light really nicely.  We might still want to layer in some shades on the windows someday.  But for now they are perfect.  Now if only I could decide what the heck to do with the strange windows on the adjacent wall:


I’m thinking maybe they’d look good with some DIY’s roman shades (similar to what I did in Sydney’s nursery perhaps?).  I’m still not totally sure.  But summer is coming and that sun doesn’t quit upstairs so we’ll have to figure out something soon.  Or just make do with the ugly mini blinds for another summer!



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