We’re getting decked out!

We have some very exciting news!  We are getting a new deck!  I can’t believe I haven’t yet posted about our new deck plans, especially considering that we started planning this last fall.  I suppose none of it really felt real though since this Winter was so. Incredibly. Long.  We did a lot of the planning during the Polar Vortex Era and it sure was hard to imagine it ever being warm enough that the ground would thaw and allow someone to pour concrete pillars into the ground, let alone enjoy the new deck we were planning!  Perhaps because I made these plans so long ago I had sort of forgotten that they hadn’t made it onto the blog!  So here’s the low down.

Those of you who remember our kitchen/dining room reno may recall that we replaced the original dining room windows

dining room windows before

with a sliding door that leads to (drum roll please….) nothing.

dining room curtains

That’s right—we knew we wanted to do this ‘ol deck project way back in 2012 when we made the kitchen plans!   Right now you open up the sliders and see a cheap unfinished wood railing that we put up just so no one would accidentally fall out of the house.  I snapped a few “before” shots the other day of the existing deck so you can see what I mean:

side of house old deck railing

To get a sense of this project I thought a bird’s eye view would help.  Here’s the existing deck with how it is situated with our house, driveway, and garage:

Existing Deck Layout

You can see that to get outside to  the deck we have to go through the kitchen, mudroom, and down the back steps and around the corner.  But with Deck 2.0, we’ll be able to saunter out directly from the dining room!

New Deck Layout

DH and are both pretty giddy at the thought actually having an accessible deck.  Last summer we wanted to eat outside on many an evening and morning, but it was always so annoying to have so schlep all our food through the mudroom, down the back steps, try to hold open the back door, etc.  We did it a few times, but not nearly as much as we would have liked considering that a spot outside for meals was one of the main reasons we really wanted to buy a house!

Though the existing deck isn’t completely terrible as-is (aside from being hard to get to and not being very structurally sound…), and we did what we could last year to spruce it up:

patio 1

But one thing that still bugged us about the space is that during some times of the day it was really, really, sunny.  Like being baked alive.  So one feature of the new deck that I’m especially excited about is that half of the deck will have a pergola over it!  This will help shade the area a bit more, but also (I think) really help the deck look like it is more integrated with the rest of the house.  The current deck really looks like it was just stuck on there!


So there you have it—our very exciting plans for the new deck.  The even better news?  Demo started this week and the construction will only be about another week or so.  After enduring more than 3 ½ months of renovations during the kitchen project, we’re happy as clams that this will be a much shorter project!

More soon!



7 thoughts on “We’re getting decked out!

    • Hi Johanne! I totally agree–bring on the cups of tea/glasses of wine. I can’t wait! As for the plans, I just “drew” them in powerpoint since I don’t have any fancy software for doing layout. I find for basic stuff like this it is a good “quick and dirty” way to make floorplans and moodboards. I just save the slide as a .jpg then and can upload it like a picture. It is especially nice to show how things will change because you can just duplicate the slide and show the change. Hope that makes sense!

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